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Below is user information for Se|f_Proc|a1med. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:selfprocla1med (164366)
Location:Moville, Pennsylvania, United States
Bio:ok. My name is Ashley. People call me a bitch...They only call me a bitch tho because i speak my beatiful mind...Im a sexy MOFO. Yep i am...and if u think im not ur liein cuz i am dead sexy. If u saw me u would die...thats how fine i am. I have a female pimp. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. aHHHHHHHHAAAAAA. Right. I like FUCKIN with peoples minds....its fun u should try it. umm....lemme hottt....oh i already said that.....i love Reveille...they are hot....well Drew is...hes my DEAD SEXY MOFO HUSBAND. all u hos better stay away from him or ill stick my hand up ur ass and rip out ur lungs!!! lmao. ahahahaha. now. i like makin people cry..i make every1 cry cuz they cant be me...i have an interestin life...well thats what i think...NO thats what i kno. and if u think i dont then fuck me u lil bitches. i dont give a fuck about what people say about me because its all read my journal u lil fucker =0)

U kno u love me and my big sexy ass *muah*
Interests:43: 50 cent, 76ers, adema, allen iverson, army of freshman, atention def, basketball, brand new, bsb, craig david, csi, die trying, drew simollardes, eminem, eric szmanda, flaw, flirtin, football, gc, honor student, james thrash, kelly slater, korn, linkin park, lipgloss, lollipop lust kill, lost prophets, maroon 5, mest, nfg, nj devils, peircings, punk music, rancid, reveille, rock music, shopping, skateboarding, skaters, sum 41, tampa bay bucs, taproot, the used..and more
Friends:29: ashley21789, astoria, babypink_xo, benjisri0tgirl, bisexualism, frostedcheerios, hdb_23, heart_x_breaker, hotlikebutter, iceburg, p1mp, provocative_, punkbaby, sexuality_, shpdoinkle, spicy_, spiked, theskaisfallin, whoregasm, ximpossiblex, xmagicxpantiesx, xrickee01, xvolc0mbaby, xxlov3lybab3xx, x_lush, x_scarling, yourluckystrs, _punkboyzrsexy_, __antisocial
Account type:Early Adopter

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