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Below is user information for Shellie!. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:secondarylaughs (638068)
I take a piece of paper
Make a heart and send it out to you
And I sure wanna cut a paper
I wanna scream and shout
So don't cut me out, cause
Vixen, baby, you're all right
Interests:97: 504 plan, acceptance, adam brody, agent 51, alkaline trio, allister, armor for sleep, art, autopilot off, bike riding, blink, brand new, christmas, computers, count the stars, cursive, dashboard confessional, days like these, dcfc, drive-thru records, drumming, emo, fall out boy, foood, friends, from first to last, further seems forever, getting presents, glasseater, glassjaw, golfing at maple acres!, guys, home grown, hot hot heat, hot rod circuit, indie, instant messaging, lagwagon, lucky boys confusion, madison, mae, making music, making things, matchbook romance, midtown, millencolin, moneen, motion city soundtrack, mourning september, movies, music, my chemical romance, northstar, number one fan, old school nickelodeon, park, photography, punchline, punk, rem, rocket from the crypt, rufio, salute your shorts, saosin, saves the day, sdre, senses fail, sesame street, shows, silverstein, ska, slick shoes, soccer, something corporate, spitalfield, spoken, standstill, student rick, sublime, taking back sunday, television, the early november, the getup kids, the movielife, the oc, the reunion show, the starting line, this is spinal tap, thursday, ummm..., victory records, watching movies, weakerthans, writing, writing music, yesterdays rising, ymca
Friends:None listed.
Friend of:1: sockerprncess17
Account type:Free User

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