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Below is user information for Sebastien Lefebvre. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:sebby_sp (116307)
Name:Sebastien Lefebvre
Website:Dude, thats my dwang!
Location:Your momma's bed, Canada
AOL IM:sebbyfromdablock (Add Buddy, Send Message)

I'll do them later....

[I am not Seb, I don't know him. I have no affilation with anything he is involved in. That is why i disclaim, and Blurty. If you punk assed bitches suspend me I will personaly hunt you down and murder you and your familys, and make a blanket out of your skin. Thanks kbye]
Memories:4 entries
Interests:111: 44: a static lullaby, ajajajaja, american idol, atticus, bands, being a crazy cracka, being cooler then you, being emo, being ghetto, being neekid, being sooo punk rock, being superfantastical seb, being the norweigen idol, being weird, best interest, birch hill, brand new, british idol, bush, canadain pop stars, canadian idol, canadians, circle pit, clarebella, closets, coco puffs, concerts, dancing, dashboard confessional, disney world, dorks, drive thru, drive thru records, eating out fridges, emo, emo kids, finch, further seems forever, gc, geeks, getting sexed up, ghettoness, good charlotte, green day, hating, hating on aol, homegrown, idolisum, incubus, jeff, jimmy eat world, jjajajajaja, legs;), local bands, long island, lover muffin, lurking, making stupid inside jokes, mandy moore, mhy homies, mocking people, mosh pit, moshing, movielife, musical oneness, my bitches, my canadian idol kris, my goodess kel-kel, my thug brotha fiddy, new found glory, new york, nfg, o-town, orgys, orgys with anyone, patrick cc cunningham, pierre bouvier, pop punk, punk, representin, role model, romanian idol, russian idol, rx bandits, saying werd, senses fail, sex, sexing people up, steel train, taking back sunday, tattoos, tbs, the ataris, the casualities, the early november, the movie life, the movielife, the queers, the reunion show, the starting line, the unseen, the used, the vandals, thrice, tony lovato, vendetta red, wakefield, weed, whores, your momma, zebrahead. going to jail
Friends:113: 50xcent, aijusting_unit, ai_kimberly, alexisxbledelx, allisonxmack, amanda_leigh_, a__hannigan, benji__gc, billy____boyd, boombastic_brit, brianlittrell, brutalhonesty, caitlyngranger, cameraguysteve, chadgilbert, chanxrobson, colin_, comeau_, david_b, david_sp_, delirious_ryan_, derek_zoolander, dontcallmeviggy, dr_ruth, emerbearz, e_p_dushku, faked_icons, fake_it, fake_itpolice, fake_it_admin, fake_it_news, fake_it_priest, fake_it_random, gates, hawaiian_angel, hiimelijah, james_lancebass, jc_chasexy_, jeffxstinco, jeremiah__, jessica_lachey, joel_, josh_hart, julioiglesiasjr, j___alba, kel___clarkson, kramer_clare, kristina_hawaii, krisxkreuk, kutcher_, lan_news, lao_chasez, lavigneravril, leighanne_reena, lisha_cuthbertx, liv_tyler, longin, l_prepon_, marsters__, matt_lovato__, mest_tonylavato, michellebranch_, mike_striver, millerxman, miss_carlton, miss_jaimelynn, monaghan, moore_amanda, murphinator, m_lillard, nickcarter_, nickwheeler, nik_mckibbin, ooc_as_nsync, pat_, phillipe_, pierre_is_pimp, rachelstevens_, rachelxaguilera, regnig, ricci_christina, richard_helton, ruben_studdard, ryan_starr_, sarahxgellarx, sebby_sp, sexy_kiki, smith_kim_smith, stevexnfg, tamyra_, taraxoxoreid, the_diddy, timbatimbalake, tonya_mitch3ll, t_wilson_, xkate_hudsonx, xnick_carterx, xtina__dirrty, xxreesexx, x_hayden_x, ywbu_crew, _gere, _jenn_hewitt_, _johnmayer, _kh_, _missportman_, _orlando_, _parisxhilton, _starr_r, _tina_aguilera, _tysonritter, __diaz, ___freddie___
Friend of:77: 50xcent, ai_kimberly, amy_acker_, angel_ashley, avril_zilla, benji__gc, boombastic_brit, brianlittrell, brutalhonesty, caitlyngranger, car_rasmusen, chadgilbert, dancerboywade, david_b, em_mathers111, estee_11, e_p_dushku, groovy_mila, hiimelijah, james_lancebass, jc_chasexy_, jc_chasez101, joel_, jordana_, josh_hart, j_king, j___alba, karliems, kel___clarkson, kissyfur, kramer_clare, krisxkreuk, lavigneravril, leighanne_reena, liv_tyler, lovedonna, mest_tonylavato, mike_striver, millerxman, miss_carlton, miss_jaimelynn, monaghan, moore_amanda, murphinator, my_oh_mya, m_lillard, nickcarter_, pat_, rachelstevens_, rach_leigh, richard_helton, sarahxgellarx, sebby_sp, sexy_kiki, simple_daveed, tamyra_, taraxoxoreid, thefatone, timbatimbalake, t_wilson_, victoria, vin_diesel_, walker_paul, x0keys0x, xkate_hudsonx, xmenax, xnick_carterx, xtina__dirrty, xxreesexx, _johnmayer, _kh_, _l0pez_, _missportman_, _orlando_, _parisxhilton, _stacykeibler_, _starr_r
Member of:8: faked_icons, fake_it, fake_it_wedding, lan_icons, life_as_nsync, ooc_as_nsync, rpg_ads, ywbu_crew
Account type:Early Adopter

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