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Below is user information for Fuck :D. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:screaming_star (90935)
Name:Fuck :D
Website:lets complain,shall we?

x. name: Kelliee
x. birthday: June 23
x. piercings: 5 soon to be 9
x. other journals: fuck_that,__stitches,xgirlscout,lets_crak_stars
x. tattoos: a future faerie on my lower back. Well, a faerie or betty boop.. i havent decided which
x. height: 5'1"
x. shoe size: 7 1/2
x. hair color: dark red.. copper-ish.. i dont know. if it were a crayon i would call it 'red dirt'. yeah. that color.
x. length: Long, [goes to elbows]
x. Weapon of choice: Teeth
x. Drug of Choice: Starbucks Caramel Frappichino</b>
x. Word Abused on Daily Basis: Fuck/Fuckin/Fucking/Fucker/Fucked/

Things i hate/strongly dislike: pizza,soda,food in general,girls,people,the world,jell-o(scared to death of it),lipstick,blue eyeshadow,golf,george bush,Walnut Creek,nasueating fads,conformity,people that think 'NFG'/simple plan/other pop bands are 'punk',singing,fake-nice people,TyPiN LyK DiZ,forgetting,Alphabetizing,pocket lint,the smell of old people's houses,'hecka',waking up,A Light in the Forest,Brown Walls, Country music,Apples,Green Beans,Carrots, Rap, Hip-hop, Pop,Classical,My hips, History,memories,horribly written books, everyone, Blink 182,imperfection,barbies,alcohal,mullets,stereotypes and much much more, but i dont want to get too detailed.

I hate it when people ask me if im okay; it just reminds me that im not

Picture hell.
Now Picture Hell with White Picket Fences

..Welcome to Walnut Creek..
no,honestly. its hell.

+brandon boyd - soul_mates
+brandon boyd - claim_me
+fucker - claim_a_word
+i miss you + incubus - claimyoursong
+brandon boyd and incubus - claimies
+brandon boyd - famousclaims
+brandon boyd - claim_a_boy
+Adam's Hair - quirkies
+Adam's Soul - claim_a_soul
+The Name Kelly - claim_a_name
+Garbage - band_claims
+Meredith's Soul -[Bad username in LJ tag]
+The Pink Skulls (the band) - claim_a_band

I'm married to Brandon Boyd

Interests:150: 80's music, adam, addicton, almost-black eyes, anemia, anti-flag, art, astrology, atreyu, barefeet, baths, being alone, being cold, being short, being sick, betty boop, biting, black, black and white pictures, black cats, black coffee, black hair, bob the builder, body art, books, brandon boyd, broken bones, bruises, burning things, butterflies, candles, cartoons, charlottes web, chinchillas, chris pontius, clovers, coldplay, cross country, crunches, crying, darkness, day dreaming, dragons, drawing, drawing on myself, dreamcatchers, dreams, drummers, elves, english, eyelashes, eyeliner, eyes, faeries, fairys, fake blood, fiona apple, fionna apple, fire, forests, francesca lia block, fuck, garbage, glass, glitter, goo goo dolls, gray, guitars, hobbits, hugs, incense, incubus, insomnia, ireland, jeans, jewelry, jungles, kickboxing, kisses, kittens, knives, kool and the gang, laughing, lilo and stitch, lotion, magazines, mandarin oranges, marijuana, marilyn manson, mascara, meredith, mermaids, music, mythology, nail polish, night, nightmares, nirvana, pain, painting, pale skin, pears, pens, piercings, pink, pixies, pj pants, psychology, rain, real people, red, red hair, redheads, running, sarah, sarcasm, scars, scary movies, sesame street, shadows, shamrocks, shoes, shooting stars, shopping, shots, showers, skateboarding, sleeping, smoking, snow, starbucks, stars, storms, superstition, surfing, tattoos, the 60's, the 70's, the bangles, the clash, the little mermaid, the misfits, the ocean, thunder, tracy, vampires, water, white, wicca, writing
Friends:18: becca_is_becca, claim_a_boy, fallen_native, famousclaims, get_hitched, good_music, incubusfans, jamzz, lets_crak_stars, meh_im_tired, my_little_piggy, overmedium73, poland_lovers, sextckitten, supressed, xbreakingxnitex, _starred, __stitches
Friend of:8: eat_this_riley, fallen_native, jamzz, meh_im_tired, my_little_piggy, overmedium73, xbreakingxnitex, you_fuck
Member of:4: famousclaims, good_music, incubusfans, poland_lovers
Account type:Early Adopter

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