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User:scottsirishlord (980441)  
Name:Macbeth George
Location:Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Bio:I am older than most of the blurters. I have advanced degrees and identify myself as a person who enjoys helping those who work with children who struggle to acquire literacy. My speciality is diagnosis of literacy difficulties. I frequently work with children and their parents but find the children infinitely more stimulating intellectually than their bored out of their minds mothers who would rather show off their clevage than work with me on their child's problem. Now I enjoy looking at the Christmas clevage when it is a generous present to unwrap but not when the display is carried by a woman who is bored and needs to be entertained. I enjoy reading and viewing pornography regularly. I write everyday fiction, fantasy, poetry, and absolutely true stuff for my own entertainment and to keep my fingers flying across the key board of my laptop. I take time to listen to classical music usually violin or cello solo, striing quartets, string ensembles, and a raucous symphony.
Interests:22: avangard, biking, blended, classical, duets, exercise, experimental, fantasy, fiction, films, hiking, imaginary, music, photography, poetry, pornography, quartets, real, strinigs, violin, women, writing
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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