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User:scottmft (150960)
Name:Scott Moffatt
Website:Cause I'm Dreaming
Location:Bragg Creek, Alberta, Canada
AOL IM:typical scott (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Name: Scott Andrew Moffatt
Band: The Boston Post
Status: Heh ... unknown
Brothers: Bobby, Clint, and Dave

= = =

Just fuck you
And who the fuck are you
And who the fuck am I
And my army
Yeah my army

And hey, did you think you'd get far
Did you think you'd get more
Than my army
Yeah my army

And hey, who the fuck are you
And do you wanna fuck with me
With my army
Yeah my army

And I feel like I'm losing
And I feel like I'm losing
And I feel like I'm losing this war
Losing this war
And I'm losing it all

= = =

[This isn't real. This is a game. I am not actually Scott, I'm just portraying him in a role play. The events discribed on this journal never happened. Read the disclaimer for more information, and do not bother me about it. Also, if you are not a part of the game, please do not add me to your friends list. That is all.]

Friends:166: aaron_b, abenson, affleckish, alicia_s_rp, alisonlarter, alittle_faith, alli_mack, almost_amy, alyssa__milano, aly_l_hannigan, amit_paul, annapaquin, anson_mount, anthony_thebull, appleby__, ashlee_s, ashleyboyangel, ashton_kutcher1, a_mclean, barry_mark, bbmak_christian, bbmak_mcnally, bigred_m, bob_mft, brendan__fehr, brittany_mrphy, brokster_bri, buschy, call_me_martie, caprice_bourret, channingtatum, charisma__, chesney, chrissy_girl, chris_carrabba, chris_kirky, chris__carrabba, clare__kramer, claymel, clumsy_canadian, connor_oberst, craig__nicholls, cyrus_b_nfg, damiankulash, devvy_boi, distiller_brody, ecaulfield, elijah_jordan, eme_nyfinest, emily_chick, emily__vancamp, em_de_ravin, eric_kufs, eternal_eliza, ewan, foolishjustin_g, foxyford, frances_andy, f__p__j, galenharold, garylevox, gcxbilly, gc_benji, gregory_s, hani, hayden__c_, hottiedan69, h__valance, ikehanson, iyari_limon_, jacobyoung, james_franco, jaydemarcus, jd_rooney, jennifer_love_h, jennlovehewitt, jenny_frosty, jessica_, joel_from_gc, johnny_rzeznik, jordana_brewstr, joshuascott, justin_jeffre, just_britney, j_behr, j_harnett, j_lance_bass, j_rangel, kateb, katona, kell_bell, kentuckyxtrain, laetitia, latinlover, leigh_wallace, lenked, lil_reese, littlehowie, liz_mcclarnon, marieh_d, mariexserneholt, marionn, martin__billy, marty_west, matt_from_mest, michelle_t, milla_j, missrussell, miss_branch, miss_leann, miss_milian, miss_shania, mmarla, msdarlin, mtv_gideon, natalie_bryant, natashahamilton, natattack, nate__dushku, natnat, nicky_brendon, otown_trevor, pop_life_icons, pop_life_ooc, p_walker_, rach_l_cook, randyharrison, sarahmgellar, sara__l, scottmft, shane__west__, simon_x_cowell, simply_simpson, siren_majandra, strong_, sugar_timmons, sweet_shannon, tamyra_gray_, texasgirly, underwood, ventimiglia, vkartheiser, v_diesel, will_estes, wl_bryan, wl_mark, wl_nicky, wl_shane, xorlando_bloomx, xscottx, zdenka_pet, _alexis, _carmel, _colinfarrell, _david_, _free, _katieholmes_, _kiki, _lesliexxx, _mandymoore_, _monica_keena_, _nickcarter_, _sexay__tay_, _t_lucca, _wl_kian, __devon
Account type:Early Adopter

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