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User:scottieblack (108522)
Name:Donnie Dorko

Synthetic Cybernetic Organism Trained for Terran Infiltration and ExplorationBiomechanical Lifeform Assembled for Calculation and Killing
Interests:150: 24, 420, 4ad, 80s pop, a clockwork orange, aaliyah, absolutely fabulous, adbusters, add n to (x), adult., air, american beauty, amélie, anais nin, anastasia beaverhausen, angelo badalamenti, aphex twin, astralwerks, avant garde, baltimore, basement jaxx, beck, beth orton, bill bradley, bill clinton, billie holiday, bjork, blue velvet, brooklyn, bubble baths, bust magazine, cabaret voltaire, can, cat stevens, chemical brothers, daft punk, dan savage, david bowie, david fincher, david lynch, david sedaris, depeche mode, dolly parton, donna tartt, donnie darko, electro, fischerspooner, foreign films, frou frou, ghost world, golden girls, goldfrapp, grilled cheese sandwiches, guilty pleasures, harold and maude, heathers, hedwig, henry miller, hovercraft, igby goes down, jake gyllenhaal, john waters films, joy division, julee cruise, katie couric, keith haring, kings of convenience, kraftwerk, kreidler, kylie minogue, london, low, luke slater, madonna, maggie gyllenhaal, manhattan, margaret cho, marianne faithfull, megan mullally, mercury rev, minimalism, missy elliott, moulin rouge, mulholland drive, mute, my so called life, new order, new york city, nick cave, npr, old school hip hop, oscar wilde, pan sonic, parker posey, peaches, persona, pj harvey, politics, porn, queer, reese witherspoon, requiem for a dream, richie hawtin, road trips, rough trade, rushmore, sagittarius, san francisco, sarcasm, schlong and ass, sean hayes, secretary, sigur rós, silicon teens, siouxsie and the banshees, six feet under, sonic youth, spike jonze, spiritualized, steven cojocaru, sylvia plath, the good girl, the hours, the new york times, the new yorker, the normal, the onion, the pixies, the royal tenenbaums, the secret history, the smiths, the the, the verve, this mortal coil, to rococo rot, todd solondz, trading spaces, twin peaks, vanilla coke, vegetarian, walt whitman, washington dc, weed, welcome to the dollhouse, wes anderson, will & grace, williamsburg, wire, wonder woman, y tu mama tambien
Friends:1: lightbulbboy
Account type:Early Adopter

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