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Below is user information for ~ mandy. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:schmoose (486327)
Name: ~ mandy
Location:Apopka, Florida, United States
My name is Mandy, i live in apopka, fl. love God, I'm am on fire for him and I can't wait till his coming! I go to a Pentecostal Church that is absolutley incredible! I love everyone, God Bless!
Interests:86: abercrombie and fitch, aim, american eagle, anything blue, art, band, beanies, being hyper, birthdays, black and white pictures, bmw's, boys, brownies, cameras, canoeing with daniel, chicken, chillis, christian music, christmas, christmas lights, church, computers, converse, dogs, drawing, drummers, exersicing, eyes, feather comforters, feather pillows, flowers, frank sinatra, friends, god, holiday youth convention, hollister, ice cream, internet, jazz, jean jackets, jeep wranglers, jesus, kirk franklin, lip gloss, long hair, merv the fish, money, moooses, movies, music, my room, my youth pastor, national lampoon's christmas vacation, ocean, peanut m&m's, pentecost, pictures, pink socks, pools, porsche boxters, praise reports, prayer, romance, roses, saxophones, shoes, shopping, skirts, special k, sprite, squirrels, sweaters, t-shirts, the bible, the chi, trucker hats, united colors of benneton, urban outfitters, vanilla frosting, vintage, water, watermelons, youth camp, youth congress. gospel music, youth conventions. peentecostal people, youth rallies
Friends:5: bludbot, brokenkisses, christianpunks, jcutt, tasty_kisses
Friend of:3: brokenkisses, jcutt, lilflirt46
Account type:Free User

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