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User:sch00lteacher (33)
Name:School Teacher
Location:A small town in central southern, North Carolina, United States
Bio:When I am in a good mood I will update this. I don't want a negative sounding bio. I suffer from depression, major depression. So sometimes I am not as positive as I would like to be.

I am not a bad guy, by far. I am a middle aged old fart who enjoys a good joke or prank. I am a man so I still have an adolescent sense of humor. We all do.

I am happily married, for more than twenty years. I have two teenagers floating around someplace. One is in college right now, the other is a senior in high school. The college kid is male, the high schooler is female. One of each. I got to have all the fun raising them.

Two cats, the loves of my life. One big goofy dog. I could not imagine life without pets.

I am a Republican, who thinks Democrats are okay, just a little nuts.

By trade I am a high school history teacher. But right now I am disabled. I have a lot going wrong with me, a lot of parts have been recalled or replaced. So I sit at home all day, every day. If I wasn't crazy to begin with, I sure am now.

Thats about it for the time being. I'll work on this some more someday. Bye.
Interests:17: anthropology, archeology, cats, christmas, computer games, dogs, family, friends, history, internet, jethro tull, nascar, outdoors, reading, sociology, women, world war two...
Friends:42: 24racegirl47, angel, antisocialme, april, autumnrain, catpeople, collegegurl83, cr4cker, darkhorizon, dripdrop, gmdarkhorizon, homework, iammom, iloveoggy, ink, iwishyouknew, jazzmanjim, juddc3891, killermuffin, kyoami, lickerish, lovetoread, lunassa, lusciouslioness, miaow, moveml, nauqhty, nuts4psych, panick101, pretti, purplepixie, rantinandravin, rearviewmirror, rhino, risiaskye, sea_dooers, shyybabe, silverluna, starfish, toddbf, writerotica, yodelayhayhoo
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