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User:scarlingfan (6484)
Website:Scarling Fan's Journal
Location:AnyCity, United States

About Me

Here are all my Communities
I made so far:


Things I Like To Do

Art Related Activities Favorites
Brainstorming, Critiqueing, Creativity, Drama, Drawing,
Authors Favorites
Douglas Adams
Computer Game Favorites
Civillization, Dungeon Keeper, Sims The Cultural Things Favorits
Concerts, Theatre, Religion, Castles
Favorite Females
Talena Atfield
Food And Beverage Favorites
Beer, Coffee, Doritos, Milk, Mountand Dew, PIzza, Salsa, Cheese, Chineses Food, Mexican Food, Italian Food,
Hobbies Favorites
Computers, Internet, Reading, Memories, Comic Books, Criminality, History, Irony, Law
Internet Favorites
Aol, Blurty Live Journal Yahoo,
Internet Activities Favorites
Live Journaling, Meeting People
LIteratrue Genres Favorites
Movies Favorites
Lord of the Rings, Interview With The Vampire. Stargate
Movie and TV Genres Favorites
Comedy, Drama,
Movie Stars Favorites
Cage Nicholas, Hopkins Anthony, Irons Jeremy,
Music Bands Favorites
Beatles, The, Bob Dylan, Bush, Garbage, Nirvana, Scarling, U2,
Music Genres Favorites
Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Metal, Rock, Gothic
Outdoor Activities Favorites
Theme Parks, Fishing, Roller Coasters
Physical Activites Favorites
Places Favorites
Romantic Things Favorites
Charming, Cuddling, Flirting, Hugging, Kissing, Quality Time, Candles,
Social Activities Favorites
Clubbing, Debating, Hanging Out, Joking Around
TV Show Favorites
Agency The, Angel, Buffy The Vampire Slaver, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Dead Zone The, Enterprise, Hack, La Femme Nikita, Law and Order, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Muntant X, Outerlimits The, Smallville, Sopranos The Stargate SG-1,
Other Art Related Activities I LIke
Art History, Anime, Painting
Other Author Favorites
Ann Rice
Other Bands I LIke
Disturbed, Eminem, Linkin Park, Miles Davis, Staind, Static-X, Sublime, Tchaikovsky,
Other Computer Games I Like
Final Fantasy,
Other Cultural Things I Like
Other Favorite Females
Other Food And Beverages I Like
Other Hobbies I Like
Drawing, Learning New Things, Magic, Greek Mythology, Castles, Cats, Fishing, Cooking, Dogs, Dreams, Kittens,
Other Internet Things I Like
Other Internet Activities I Like
Other LIterature Genres I Like
Other Movies I LIke
American Pie
Other Movie and TV Genres I Like
Anime, Cartoons, Foreign Films, Independent Films,
Other Moveis Stars I LIke
Malcovich John
Other Music Genres I Like
House, Punk, Trance, Rave
Other Outdoor Activities I Like
Camping, Beaches
Other Physical Activities I Like
Other Romantic Things I Like
Other Social Activities I Like
Meeting New People,
Other TV Shows I LIke
Birds of Prey, CSI: Miami, District The, Fear Factor, Ren And Stimpy, Simpsons The, Sliders, Survivor: Thailand,

Human Traits I Have
Ambition, Cynicism, Creativity, Happiness, Humor, Intelligence, Love, Charming, Spirituality, Individuality, Inner Beauty,
Negative Traits
Criticizing. Over Analyzing, Argumentive, Manipulitive
Thought Processes
Analyzing, Brainstorming, Contemplating, Critiqueing, Daydreaming, Creativity, Remembering
Vices I Have
Smoking, Very Light Drinker,
Issues And Causes
Equal Rights, Feminism, Freedom,
Other Interests
Animals, Enviroment, Houseplants, Metaphysics, Nature, Ocean, Gothic </lj-cut>

Always Bieng Updated

Sincerly, Scarlingfan Voluntary Support Staff

Interests:72: ambition, analysing, arguments, art history, beaches, beer, biographies, candles, cartoons, castles, cats, cheese, chinese food, coloring books, comic books, cooking, criminality, criticism, cuddling, cynicism, daydreaming, dogs, dragonrealms, dreams, equal rights, europe, feminism, freedom, history, individuality, inner beauty, inner peace, intelligence, irony, kittens, law, literature, logic, mexican food, mindless self indulgence, mood icons, museums, mysticism, novels, old pubs, online quizzes, philosophy, photoshop, pittsburgh, poetry, poker, pool, pop culture, psychology, punk, role-playing games, romance, rum, satire, self expression, sensuality, star wars, stickers, storytelling, surveys, survival, tea, the sopranos, travel, vodka, witty comments, writing
Friends:40: angel, be_my_friend, birdsofprey, bookworm, buffy, catpeople, cheever, clients, community_ads, customization, enterprise, eroticstories, fuckyou, helpscreening, howto, icon_makers, moodthemes, movie_talk, music, news, polling_place, revivingophelia, scarlingfan, self_harm_help, smallville, sopranowatchers, so_breathtaking, staind, styles, suggestions, support, supportlounge, suzykat, talenafan, thebizarre, thequestionclub, thescarlingfan, userdoc, warstories, xmen_television
Friend of:2: scarlingfan, so_breathtaking
Member of:28: birdsofprey, bookworm, buffy, catpeople, clients, community_ads, customization, enterprise, fuckyou, helpscreening, howto, icon_makers, moodthemes, music, polling_place, self_harm_help, smallville, sopranowatchers, staind, styles, suggestions, supportlounge, talenafan, thebizarre, thescarlingfan, userdoc, words, xmen_television
Account type:Early Adopter

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