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Below is user information for The Lord does give-The Lord does take. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:scanningpink (191175)
Name:The Lord does give-The Lord does take
Bio:All about me:

I like diet pills.
I like energy.
I like being happy.
I have low self-esteem.
I don't like myself.
I have two brilliant best friends.
I like broccoli.
I love gay men.
I am short.
I don't like homophobes.
I don't like liars.
I don't like snotty people.
I love open-minded people.
I like tacos.
I am nervous a lot.
I hide how I feel.
I am very emotional.
I find things funny at times when they shouldn't be.
I keep my mouth shut.
I am quiet.
I have bad mood swings.
I love the 80's.
I love hair bands.
I don't like rap.
I have dirty blonde hair.
I like theater.
I am not in theater.
I like to watch gay guys have sex.
I want to video tape a porno.
I don't like people who use others.
I am not myself.
I am ugly.
I am terrified of being alone.
I do not like windchimes.
I get scared a lot.
I am sensitive.
I am a follower.
I want other people to care.
I am easily embarrased.
I watch Arthur.
I love taking pictures.
I love drawing.
I am turned on by __________.
I am fascinated by serial killers.
I have no life.
I love talking on the phone.
I like talking to people I relate to.
I hate my stepdad and mom.
I am selfish.
I care more about other people than myself.
I am still selfish some how.
I am creative.
I am "fucking stupid."
I am good natured for the most part.
I am open-minded about anything.
I am boring.
I HATE school and the people there.

Wow. That's a lot of 'I's. Yuck.

I couldn't live without Jesse or Robbie.

Best friends can look into your eyes and see the hurt when others only see the smile.

That's me.
Interests:33: aerosmith, angela's ashes, bauhaus, bon jovi, donnie darko, echo and the bunnymen, empire records, faster pussycat, garden of dreams, gary jules, guns n' roses, joy division, love and rockets, love spit love, my own private idaho, nin, placebo, poor white trash, psychedelic furs, queer as folk, rocky horror picture show, siouxsie and the banshees, sixteen candles, slc punk, tears for fears, the crow, the cure, the house of yes, the london suede, the newlydeads, the omen, tones on tail, velvet goldmine
Friends:3: futrebrdwaystar, jimpa, neonpassion
Friend of:3: futrebrdwaystar, jimpa, neonpassion
Account type:Early Adopter

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