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User:satirist (495375)
Name:Silent Dreamer
AOL IM:Limetastic (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Jabber:Jabber jabber dooooo!!!
Bio:I shall sleep till my eyes no longer weep, till my joints no longer creak and till my soul no longer creeps 'round tthe house like the sad fragile being it s. My heart shall hold no anger against those who've wronged me so.. for it shall be no longer, nevermo' nevermo'...

This journal shall be for my depressing rants mainly. If you want my usual happy and bouncy ass self then go here:

I love Christian. Yes, I do have love in my life.

I dance to soar above my problems.. nothing can hold me back from that of which I devote my mind to. I dance to overcome the obsticles in my life. I love few things more than dance..

I'm trying to learn how to love myself.. so that one day I won't have anymore depressing entries to post in here. It might take a while but hey.. I'm trying. Are you? Or do you just not need to? Cocky, eh?
Interests:59: 1337, alabama, alicia, anime, art, bangles, bed, bell, black, cheese, christian, computers, country, dance, darkness, death, dreaming, dreams, electric violin, emoticons, english, feet, french, german, god, greece, greek, hearting peoples, jazz, literature, lousiana, loving peoples, me, metal, moofy, music, my daddy, my friends, my mawmaw, my mommy, my pawpaw, orange, painting, piano, poetry, rap, rebecca, satirists, scout, sex bracelets, silence, silver, singing, snow, taco, taco bell, tap, texas, water
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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