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Below is user information for The girl with the Tarantino-esque vocabulary. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:sarcasmo (149664)
Name:The girl with the Tarantino-esque vocabulary
Website:Ode to Boy II
Location:York, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Made by Leggyslove.

Interests:149: a life less ordinary, acting, alanis morrisette, andre schneider, anne rice, aragorn, ardeth bay, art boys, being antisocial, being evil, being funny, being weird, bisexuality, black, black eyeliner, black nail polish, blood, books, boromir, boys in makeup, boys with long hair, braids, brian molko, brian slade, cackling, caleb ross, chocolate, christian bale, christina ricci, cinema, coldplay, colin farrell, corrupting the young, creed, curt wild, dancing, david bowie, day dreaming, dominic monaghan, draco malfoy, dracula, dreams, eddie izzard, edward scissorhands, elijah wood, embarrassing my friends, empire records, evanescence, ewan mcgregor, fanfics, films, five for fighting, gender-bending, getting drunk, glam, glam boys, glam rock, glitter, goth, halloween, hammer horror, handcuffs, harry potter, harry sinclair, heath ledger, indie music, inkubus sukkubus, j.r.r. tolkien, janeane garafalo, jd and coke, jewelery, johnny depp, jonathan rhys meyers, joni mitchell, julia stiles, karl urban, kate winslet, kissing, knights, laughing, led zeppelin, legolas, letters to cleo, liv tyler, lord of the rings, lotr rps, lou reed, loud rock music, macbeth, magick, maxwell demon, mediaeval baebes, mercedes lackey, miranda otto, moulin rouge, nickelback, nicole kidman, nightmare before christmas, orlando bloom, oscar wilde, paganisim, pissing people off, placebo, playing the guitar, pretty boys, pretty girls, razor blades, reading, red hot chilli peppers, rock, rocky horror picture show, rps, sarcasm, sean bean, self harm, sex, shakespeare, sheryl crowe, singing, slash, slash fics, sleepy hollow, snogging, southern comfort, stationary, swearing, sword fights, tarot, the crow, the prophecy, the strokes, the tribe, the who, theatre, tim burton, todd haynes, toni collette, touching, vampires, velvet goldmine, viggo mortensen, viggorli, wicca, will and grace, witches, writing, xander, éomer, éowyn
Friends:5: famousbeauty, inlineblue, jadedthoughts, little_light, sarkycows
Friend of:3: inlineblue, jadedthoughts, little_light
Member of:5: community_ads, famousbeauty, mst_the_moron, sarkycows, _brianmolko
Account type:Early Adopter

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