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Below is user information for ┬žarah Marie. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:sarahmarie (325727)
Name:┬žarah Marie
Location:Massachusetts, United States
Bio:My name is Sarah if you havent already figured it out. I love my friends, boys, and diet coke. I like the older kind of movies like Never Been Kissed, The Wedding Singer, My Best Friends Wedding, ect ect.

*Brown hair
*blue eyes
*111 lbs

And thats pretty much all i have to say. Leave me comments if you want. i love comments.
Interests:70: 2gether, 311, ash, billabong, blink 182, brand new, bring it on, burning brides, busted, chocolate chip cokkies, coheed and cambria, crazy town, crushes, cute personalitys, dc's, dickies, diet coke, disturbed, divine right, dont look down, dr. pepper, drowning pool, element, etenies, fall out boy, fear dot com, franz ferdinan, funny, good charlette, grounded, hurley, indapendent, jif, laughing, liar liar, lilu, lucky boys confusion, matchbook romance, mest, now and then, office space, oniell, pac sun, paul frank, pepper, pepperoni pizza, pirates of the carabian, pop secret, pretty women, romeo+juliet, roxy, rush hour, senior happy, shaggy hair, something about marry, spice world, strawberries with maplesyrup, sum 41, the fever, the nightmare befor christmas, the off spring, the streets, the wedding singer, tilt, vanilla coke, vans, volcom, water, yellow card, zoolander
Friends:10: amandanicole430, army911, atothej, emily33x, littlelyss, michielle, mt_heartedloser, strwberyskittle, xmariex, zanadu297
Friend of:7: amandanicole430, emily33x, giigii, lulabell, michielle, mt_heartedloser, xmariex
Account type:Free User

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