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Below is user information for Sarah Kotarski. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:sarahek1 (142761)
Name:Sarah Kotarski
Website:Rhyme and Reason
Location:Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States
AOL IM:Sarahek1 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Yeah.... I'm a pretty boring kid..... but heres a little info for yah if your ever thinkin about becoming my personal stalker! (I've always wanted one of those haha!) well yeah I'm 13..... and I live in Grand Rapids and go to Northview as you should know..... I have 5 of the bestest best friends ever my 2 cousins Kiki and Priscilla.... the one and only Julie(poetry nerd buddie!!), Cass, and Kendall!! And as usual I don't have a boyfriend (If you know me it's obvious why! lol)I play a few sports.... Basketball (which I play on B team cause I suck), and I used to do swimming for like 8 years.... but then I quit this past year because my coaches are DICKS!! (but i'm doing it again this summer i'm soooo excited!!!!! :-D) And yah I'm going out for track too!! well.... i was but not anymore.... Well yah I can't think of much more!? except stuff you can't know!! HAHAH!!
Interests:68: amber, band or group: tons, been hurt?: too much, birthdays, boy name: dane, boyfriend?: no, broken the law: yes, cameron, cassie, cheated on someone?: never!, cherry coke, children?: hell no, clothes: comfy stuff, current crush?: brian, do you..., drink?: drink what? ;-), driven a car: yes, emily, etc., favorites, fish: yah, food: chicken, future, get motion sickness?: yah, girl name: hailey, goals: billions of them, goofy!, guy bands: fags, hangout: anywhere fun, have any siblings?: 1, have you..., hawaii, honeymoon: paris, how everything sucks...., in five years: harvard, italy, jade, jerry springer: fake, julie, kade, kendall, kiki, leah, love, magazine: seventeen, mirror, nirvana, non-alcoholic drink: coke, or australia, place: hawaii, pms: horribly, random, read the bible: nope, self-mutilation: huh? (big word), sexuality?: straight, shampoo: physique, singer: tons, smoke?: smoke what ;-), south park: love it, st. patricks day, suicide: terrible - tempting, ten: getting harvard, titanic: awe sad!, too shy?: sometimes, vacation place: hawaii!, vanilla coke, wear contacts?: notta, when you wake up
Friends:2: hiilikeorange, julieah1
Friend of:1: julieah1
Account type:Early Adopter

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