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User:sarah_denmark (214046)
Name:Sarah Pedersen
Location:Nordsjælland, Denmark
AOL IM:YouFoundMe109 (Add Buddy, Send Message)

>>Sarah’s world<<

Written by Me, [Sarah_Denmark]
I don’t feel anything but pain. There is sorrow all over. I feel rejected. I feel like I’m out of love. I feel like an outlet. I don’t feel the warm. I can’t feel my heart. I hear voices. I can see people, others cant. I’m always awake. No sleep. I have a bad headache. I have pain in my stomach. I don’t feel, only see. Why never listen to your heart? Why always do the opposite? I don’t get you. I thought I knew you. Everything about you, but I was wrong. I used to recognize your steps. I don’t even remember your voice anymore. I don’t know your name. Only appearance. We were closer than allowed. Why all the space? I thought we were friends and lovers. Why has it changed? I wanna be one. Only one person and with you. I miss the attention. I miss the temptation. Only stupid words. No joy. No thought anymore. Only silence. Why don’t we talk? We used to all night long. We used to tickle too. Remember? I’ll never forget you. I can’t, cuz u saved me. You gave me hope, and now you’re gone. Out of my life. Why would this happen? Why not? Why can’t we make it work? It’s like I’m fighting with a ghost. Are u ok? I don’t even know you anymore. I don’t even think your own sister does. Why do you have to do this to me? Why can’t you just give me Pease? Why should I be here, when I wanna be with you in heaven? Take me. Kiss my lip. Take me hard. Kiss me gently and with pain. I wanna feel. Feel u in me. I wanna see you. You’re amazing inside. I don’t wanna be on the side. Let me in. I wanna fly to the sky and I wanna be saved in your arms. I wanna see you everyday and I want you to be the last person I ever explore.

All these ppl means a lot to me, and if u have some kinda problem, get the hell out of here, thx!

Benj [Benji_Maryland]

Joel [high_voice]

Tash [Jakes_gurl_4_l]

Pauline [thenorthwillow]

Sarah [cutiepie_madden]

Billy [Billy_gc_Martin]

Lars [Larsfrederiksen]

Pierre [Crazy_Pierre]

Heather [Heathermadden]

Memories:2 entries
Interests:61: alcohol, alexander, american tv, apoptygma berzerk, babies, beer, benj, benjamin, blink 182, brand new, casper, computer, denmark, dogs, felix, fenix tx, friends, goldfinger, good charlotte, green day, jacob, joe, joel, jonas, lars, linkin park, match box 20, matthew perry, mentos, mest, michelle branch, midtown, movies, mp3s, mtv, music, mxpx, my dog, my entire family, my mum + dad, nfg, nofx, phone, pierre, pircings, playing guitar, puddle of mudd, rain, rancid, sebastian, simple plan, spin city, sum 41, tatooes, the cure, the simpsons, the smiths, the used, third eye blind, trl, unwritten law
Friends:12: all_things_rock, ariginal_lay0ut, benji_maryland, benjs_place, billy_gc_martin, crazy_pierre, cutiepie_madden, heathermadden, high_voice, jakes_gurl_4_l, larsfrederiksen, thenorthwillow
Friend of:14: applewillow, benji_maryland, billy_gc_martin, crazy_pierre, cutiepie_madden, heathermadden, high_voice, jakes_gurl_4_l, j__madden, larsfrederiksen, o_o_freak_o_o, punkymunkey66, simpleataris41, thenorthwillow
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