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Below is user information for Pleasure spiked with pain..*. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:sammyeatworld (106925)
Name:Pleasure spiked with pain..*
Bio:Not much to say. My birthday is June 9th. Buy me presents!! :-p Gimme hugs ♥

give xWishfulxThinkerx more *HUGS*

Get hugs of your own

joel is my antidrug

Memories:6 entries
Interests:88: adam brody, afi, aim, all things rock, ashton kutcher, autopilot off, basketball, beach, bike riding, box car racer, boys, cali, cds, christina aguilera, computer, concerts, dashboard confessional, dolphins, dvds, evanescence, eve 6, ewan mcgregor, finch, florida, foo fighters, friends, fun, glitter, good charlotte, green day, ice skating, jewelry, jimmy eat world, john mayer, justin timberlake, less than jake, level 27, linkin park, made, magazines, make up, mall, mark mcgrath, mest, michelle branch, midtown, moulin rouge, movies, mtv, music, new found glory, new york city, no doubt, paul thomas, phantom planet, phone, pictures, piercings, pink, queens of the stoneage, red hot chili peppers, shane west, shoes, shopping, simple plan, stars, sugar ray, sugarcult, sum 41, summer, sunsets, swimming, taking back sunday, taking walks, the all american rejects, the ataris, the o.c., the sky, the starting line, the used, thrice, traveling, tv, tyson ritter, vans, vendetta red, weezer, yankees
Friends:40: all_things_rock, avalonsniper, badxhabit, bandagebaby23, brokenfailure10, cait12x22lin, desirexhurts10, desirexhurts21x, ditzycait310, doveangel2214, flickeringflame, frizzy, frizzy350, geminiqueen31, goodcharlotte, hateme_too, jaxlove, jbsmalls88, jezzt, jodiluvswaffles, joelmaddenfans, leavingstooeasy, lilsweety0143, pinkbubblegum06, pretendtosleep, stacyshinae, takethesky22, wishonthestars, x0hottxblonde0x, x0xsweetwunx0x, xclazyinlovex, xemmyx, xerino, xnotxavailablex, xolovlybabygrlo, xosammiebabiox, xosweetazcandie, xxonelovexx, _sha_, ___infatuation
Friend of:20: avalonsniper, bandagebaby23, brokenfailure10, desirexhurts10, ditzycait310, flickeringflame, jaxie77, jaxlove, jbsmalls88, jezzt, jodiluvswaffles, riotgirlmade27, wishonthestars, x0xsweetwunx0x, xclazyinlovex, xerino, xnotxavailablex, xolovlybabygrlo, xosammiebabiox, _sha_
Member of:5: all_things_rock, emolyrics, goodcharlotte, hayden_fans, joelmaddenfans
Account type:Early Adopter

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