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User:sammerz (156717)
Location:Wisconsin, United States
Yahoo! ID:Yo.Yo. (Add User, Send Message)
I Think I'm In Love

My boyfriend, Luke and I have been together since January 30th, 2004. We've had our fair share of ups & downs, but I love him more than anything.
Memories:1 entry
Interests:106: 12 stones, ants, bam, bam margera, bananas, bandanas, beer, being loved, big fords, blurty, boating, boys, brian mccomas, bullshit, camaros, care bears, ccs, cherries, chevys, citrona, comedy movies, confederate flags, country music, country singers, country usa, cowboy hats, cowboy up, cowboys, cowgirls, darkness falls, dj, dodges, doodling, drinking, element, emerica, etnies, food, fox racing, friends, fuzzy cuffs, getting dirty, getting drunk, getting letters, guys, happy bunny, having nick, hicks, hurley, internet, jake, jakes, jeeps, love, love songs, luke, m&ms, making out, matchbox cars, mike, mike's hard cranberry lemonade, moaning, money, mud, mud wrestling, mudding, my brother, nick, orange, orlando bloom, peanut butter, phil margera, pink, pirates, playboy, playing pool, pleasent disaster, pop-tarts, punk, punk music, rednecks, rollerblading, safety pins, sending letters, sex, sexy cowboys, silver, skateboarding, skater boys, skinny dipping, skulls, sleep overs, stickers, swimming, talking, the starting line, tubing, uv, vans, vodka, volcom, walking, watching tv, water, white tigers, winecoolers
Friends:50: acutepunk, alittlebitmest, amywillers, babiblu, birthcontrol, bitchinn, blackmatt, bluprincess, brokenreality23, canadiancutie, chesney, d4nc3w1thm3, danger0us, emomart, fadedbeauty_, jalapen0, layouts_to_you, lilsweetie, m1ch3ll3, ooimafreak, outsideyourdoor, painfulmemories, pattylou, possibly2ls, precious_x, quoteable_, realfears, remorsefultears, sakkaku, sammerz, sextips, sexxyjenny, shortyamber, spankie04, spiffylayouts, stinky__, strxppin, sugamama, sweet_kiss, underjoyed_, usccocks, weekly, x0_iinn0cent, xhealmex, xwonderingx, _dude, _friends, _jason_, _roxy182cutie_, _snowboarder_
Friend of:32: acutepunk, alittlebitmest, amywillers, babiblu, bluprincess, brokenreality23, canadiancutie, centerstagexlmb, chesney, fallingf0rever, outsideyourdoor, painfulmemories, possibly2ls, precious_x, pwnkborder, realfears, remorsefultears, sakkaku, sammerz, sexxyjenny, sexy_shorty, shortyamber, sugamama, sugapink, sweet_kiss, underjoyed_, usccocks, weekly, xhealmex, _dude, _jason_, _roxy182cutie_
Member of:15: birthcontrol, bitchinn, blurtymakeovers, emomart, layouts_to_you, lix_icons, nice_icons_4_u, pretty__faces, quoteable_, sextips, someadvice, spiffylayouts, tourettes_icons, xwonderingx, _friends
Account type:Early Adopter

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