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User:sakun (155776)
Location:Euless, Texas, United States
AOL IM:dot VIVID (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:vash_pie (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:Hint: Read my LJ to find out what I'm like. It's that simple. After all, you REALLY wouldn't traverse all the way here JUST to read a simple bio, would you?

The kitty loaf shall
invade Livejournal!
Long Live Kitty Loaf!

MY BIG FRIEND (In no particular order) LIST! (Sorry if I left you out! Just let me know! n.n; I'm also sorry if I don't happen to know your last name! If you don't wanna be on here, or want edits to your name, also let me know.)

In case you couldn't tell, I did this to clean up my interests. He he. :P Later, I'll link to individual journals. Also removed or edited at request.

Alec Nygren
Andrew Smith
Ashli Durand
Austin Corcoran
Leigh Ann Marrs
Ronald (Yep)
Alex Bickerstaff
Vy Nguyen
Wani Nurshazwani
Myla Pickard
Kira DeForest
Katie Lomas
James Brum
Ali Bandeali
Vita De La Vega
Tabitha Trussell
Priscilla Ko
Leslie Parham
Alexa Weeks
Nikki White
Alex (in Florida)
Sean (I gave in and included him)
Jonathan Bustos
Matt Norman
Stephen Witschorke
Zach Ashcraft
Catie Nolen
Aubree Renfro
Alyssa Nabors
Nicole Rains
Ashley Galloway
Heather Galloway
David Kalyn
Leonardo Sanchez

Band nerdiness!
Interests:143: .hack, .hack//ai buster, .hack//another birth, .hack//another story, .hack//gift, .hack//liminality, .hack//sign, .hack//zero, .hack//侵食汚染, .hack//悪性変異, .hack//感染拡大, .hack//絶対包囲, .hack//?????????????????????, akiyama yue, animal crossing, anime, animorphs, avril lavigne, ayashi no ceres, band, battle royale, battle royale ii: requiem, biseinen, bleach, boogiepop phantom, buffy the vampire slayer, cardcaptor sakura, central junior high, chobits, clamp, clarinet, computers, crazy taxi, dance dance revolution, digimon, digimon adventure, digimon adventure 02, digimon frontier, digimon tamers, do as infinity, donnie darko, dungeon dice monsters, dvds, e's, e's otherwise, eriol hiiragizawa, final fantasy, final fantasy x, final fantasy x-2, flcl, fooly cooly, furi kuri, gambit, game boy advance, gamecube, gravitation, gto, harry potter, hatake kakashi, hikaru utada, ichiyama cy, inoue miyako, internet, ishtar malik, j-pop, jake gyllenhaal, kairo, kamen rider ryuuki, kido jou, kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts ii, kirby, kitty loaf, kokuyo, kurosaki ichigo, lizzie mcguire, magic knight rayearth, manga, mikoto ari, monou fuuma, movies, mp3s, music games, musicals, naruto, one piece, orimoto izumi, otogi ryuuji, parappa the rapper, playstation2, pokemon, power rangers, pretty guardian sailor moon, pretty soldier sailor moon, reading, remnants, remy lebeau, replica, ring, ring 0~birthday~, ring 2, roms, roronoa zoro, rping, rufio, s club, s club 7, samara morgan, sentai, serial experiments lain, shaman king, shikoua masao, shinji mimura, shugo oshinari, simple plan, slingo, space channel 5, spirited away, suicide circle, takaashi tsukamoto, tenchi muyo!, the legend of zelda, the ring, the ring 2, the sims, trigun, tsubasa-reservoir chronicle-, tv, um jammer lammy, uzumaki, vash, vash pie, vash the stampede, video games, viewtiful joe, wada kouji, wish, yamamura sadako, yu yu hakusho, yu-gi-oh!, yu-gi-oh! duel monsters, アニメ, ????????????????????????
Friends:28: awesomebandos, banddorks, bandgeeks, battle_royale, braindamage, b_nerds, clarinet, ddr, ddrfreaks, disinfectant, donniedarko, dot_hackers, dusk_v20, fhqwhgads, gyllenhaalfans, kamenrider, onepiece, pixi, priiestess, relientkchicka, resevilrocker, scaredcutie25, sobakasu, thepillows, tinkerbeil, trigun, tristful, _hack
Friend of:5: braindamage, disinfectant, resevilrocker, sobakasu, tinkerbeil
Member of:15: awesomebandos, banddorks, bandgeeks, battle_royale, ddr, ddrfreaks, donniedarko, dot_hackers, fhqwhgads, gyllenhaalfans, kamenrider, onepiece, thepillows, trigun, _hack
Account type:Early Adopter

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