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Below is user information for Alex. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:saikou (308058)
Location:Ketchikan, Alaska, United States
AOL IM:KenshinSan112 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Heya! I'm Alex, Kenshin, Saikou (Psycho), whatever you wanna call me. I'm 15 and I live in SE Alaska and Western Montana. Ok, this is becoming really corny, but i love friends, having a good time, etc. Just add me on AIM/MSN and we'll talk. Til then!

Favorite Quote:
"Be a dream in color even on a winter's night"
-Third Eye Blind "Camouflage"
Interests:121: 2pac, akira toriyama, anime, armored core, austin powers, ayumi hamasaki, basketball,, boa, broodwar, brooke burke, celtic, celts, chie ayado, chris farley, clamp, coldplay, computers, counting crows, cowboy bebop, cultures, dai, dance dance revolution, darude, ddr, devil may cry, do as infinity, dr dre, eminem, euro beat, euro mix, evangelion, final fantasy, fishing, french, gackt, good charlotte, guitar, hamasaki ayumi, hellsing, history, hitokiri battousai, html, incubus, ireland, j-pop, j-rock, japan, japanese, jimmy eat world, jpop, jrock, judo, kendo, korea, korean, kpop, languages, linkin park, lost prophets, manga, matrix, metallica, michael jackson, music, naruto, nas, new found glory, nirvana, no doubt, one piece, paul oakenfold, piano, playstation 2, political science, ranma 1/2, red hot chili peppers, reel big fish, rurouni kenshin, samurai x, sandland, scotland, shaman king, shinra, shonen jump, silverchair, skiing, sleep, snl, soccer, soul calibur, south park, spirituality, starcraft, street fighter, sublime, swimming, t.m. revolution, tekken, tennis, that '70s show, the simpsons, the starting line, third eye blind, tm revolution, trance, trigun, tupac, utada hikaru, vcds, warcraft, website design, weezer, will farrel, women, x, x 1999, x the anime, xenogears, xenosaga, yoko kanno
Friends:1: chibijess
Friend of:1: chibijess
Account type:Free User

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