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User:said_she (554257)
Website:Said She
Location:Texas, United States
Yahoo! ID:hunnybunchesofstephy (Add User, Send Message)

About Me
Well, my name is Stephanie. I'm on the brink of being 18 (December 9th). I live in Texas, born and raised here, but plan on attending a school in the northeast when I graduate HS, hopefully in Jersey! I have an amazing boyfriend of 2 1/2 years who is my backbone and confidant. My babies include: a boston terrier named Nubby, a chihuahua named Twinky, two kitties; Gidget and Stinky, and 2 bettas; Frank and Lu Bu. I like old movies and movie stars. I have recently fallen in love with scrapbooking and taking photos as well as oil painting. I enjoy foods considered "weird" by most people like escargot, calamari, and sushi. I love plants and flowers and I love to garden. I'm obsessed with monkeys and unicorns. Dave Matthews Band plays my favorite tunes followed closely by U2, Superchic[k], The Who, the Barenaked Ladies, Dispatch, and They Might Be Giants. I openly admit to loving reality shows, Paradise Hotel was hilarious. Some of my favorite websites are: Homestar Runner & Maddox. So in a nutshell that is me.


Interests:44: aim, audrey hepburn, bettas, black and white movies, blue, boston terriers, brian regan, calamari, cats, chihuahuas, christmas, computers, daisies, dancing, dane cook, dave matthews band, december, design shows, escargot, fall, flowers, frank sinatra, gardening, graphic design, homestar runner, iced tea, jetskis, josh harnett, kittens, monkeys, my boyfriend, new york city, orgasms, painting, photography, reality shows, reese witherspoon, scrapbooking, superchic[k], sushi, trading spaces, travel, vin diesel, wasabi peas
Friends:None listed.
Friend of:1: spiego
Account type:Free User

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