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User:saartjepluis (77972)  
Location:Amsterdam, Netherlands
Bio:HI I'm Sara, a 19 year old psychology student from the Netherlands. I'll probably be posting a lot more than usual as I have a lot of spare time on my hands, because I have a virus (which should pass in about two months..) well anyway I enjoy being happy and being with friends. I enjoy being busy, although I might have been a bit too busy the last year. I adore music (almost anykind), playing the piano, singing and acting.
Well anyway hope you enjoy reading my stuff:)

love, Sara
Interests:70: acting, beer, bipolar disorder, blues, borderline disorder, catch 22, chopin, clubbing, dancing, dante, daria, david lynch, disney, drumm & bass, fightclub, fiona apple, friends, fuzzy, goethe, goldfinger, happiness, harry potter, incubus, jazz, lagwagon, laughing, leftwing politics, less than jake, liszt, love, metal, monkees, movies, muse, music, musicals, n.e.r.d, nietzsche, norah jones, philosophysing, pietasters, pink, powerpuff girls, psychology, punk, purple, queens of the stoneage, rachmaninoff, radiohead, rage against the machine, reading, robbie williams, running, schizofrenia, schubert, sensuality etc., sexuality, sigarettes, singing, ska, skunk anansie, swing, system of a down, talking, tarantino, the matrix, tolkien, tolstoy, van morrison, writing
Friends:1: dwizzy
Friend of:2: dwizzy, __08
Account type:Early Adopter

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