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Below is user information for [ liq ] wiff // eye \\ [ mii ]. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:saabii___ (866142)  
Name:[ liq ] wiff // eye \\ [ mii ]
won't be long til i crush
ignore reality there's nothing you can do about it
the candle's burning
only the oleanders thrive
someday somehow we're gonna make it alright but not right now
i will be heard
you're everywhere to me
you get me
i wish you'd unclench your fist
swallowing sideways pills
the wind is screaming your name
my thinning heart breaks for you
my painted portraits of insanity
freedom of mind
i see no other thing that is so quickly transformed as the mind
all i conditioned things are of a nature to decay
i am the hunter
i have been waiting for you
you're not alone
don't function anymore
awaken you
swarm of will
i can see inside you
i can't stand to let you in
no one leaves a scar quite like you
loves me not
i wanna take you on a roller coaster
i wanna push it right over the line
i remember you; you're the one that made my dreams come true
pop will eat itself
who is the lord and who is the devil? you can't decide so i'll be your guide
i know the version of me
medicated and sedated like a chemical reaction
Interests:120: 12 stones, 36 crazyfists, above the law, apartment 26, apc, at the drive-in, atomship, bad religion, breaking benjiman, bush, chevelle, cky, coal chamber, cold, damageplan, dandy warhols, danzig, deftones, devildriver, dillinger escape plan, disturbed, drowning pool, dry cell, earshot, edgewater, emilianna torrini, eve 6, fear factory, fermin iv, finger eleven, fiona apple, flaw, fluke, foo fighters, franz ferdinand, frost, garbage, gavin rossdale, godhead, hatebreed, hive, hole, injected, insolence, jack off jill, kidney theives, killers, killswitch, killswitch engage, korn, lifehouse, linda perry, linkin park, lisa germano, lisa loeb, lit, lunatic calm, manson, massive attack, mindless self indulgence, ministry, modest mouse, mudvayne, muse, mushroomhead, new american shame, nico, nin, no doubt, ny loose, orbital, orgy, pale 3, papa roach, pet, pitchshifter, pj harvey, pm5k, prodigy, propellerheads, puscifer, rage against the machine, rammstein, renholder, saliva, sarah bettens, seven mary three, seven wiser, silverchair, sin, skinny puppy, slipknot, smile empty soul, sneaker pimps, snow patrol, static x, submersed, system of a down, tantric, the clash, the cure, the damning well, the dust brothers, the flys, the icarus line, the infidels, the ramones, the union underground, the used, third eye blind, three days grace, thursday, toadies, tool, tori amos, trapt, tricky, unloco, varuca salt, white zombie
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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