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Below is user information for Kay-Kay. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:s3xyspork (202132)
Website:Harvest Moon Town
Location:Santa Clara, California, United States
Bio:Uh... hi. *waves* My name is Kayla, and I'm 13 years old, going into the 8th grade. I have tons of best friends, but my closest friends (the ones at school) are Rachel, Rachael, Saja, and Tedi. ^.^ They're my friends because they're nice, funny, and understand me! (If any of those are for you above, *besides being funny* then you're my best friend!) LOL ^.^

I love my website: Harvest Moon Town! You can find it at! It is under construction right now, but not for long, because I'm working on it right now! =P

LOL, well, that's about it for me! I hope you come back to read my blurty entries, and I hope you visit my website too! ^^ LOL, See yaz!

~*~*Fairy Friend*~*~
Interests:82: artemesia, being an asshole, being friendly, black, blood and gore, blue, boys, braiding hair, chatting, chatting with friends, chocolate, composing songs, country music, crying, dancing, die, dixie chicks, drawing, dreams, dvds, eating, enya, evanescence, fae, fairies, food, giggling, girlie stuff, glaring, god, grinning, hanging with my guy, harvest moon, heavy metal, hersheys, hot guys, ice cream, internet, jump rope, jumping, kayla, kissing, labernyth, laughing, laughing my ass off, legolas, mp3s, mr. krabs, msn messenger, my bf, patrick star, piano, pink, playing piano, playing video games, playing violin, pop music, powerpuff girls, punk, reading, red, rock 'n roll, romance, sailor moon, screaming, singing, sleeping, slumber parties, smiling, spongebob, squidward, super mario brothers, talking to friends, the corrs, the distillers, the powerpuff girls, video games, violin, watching movies, white chocolate, writing stories, yelling
Friends:11: badmikey, dead_anchovie, fairy, girlie_girls, harvestmoon, layitout_pretty, lillerz, pinkhyperchick, xprincessbeccax, x_lovely_x, _birthdays
Friend of:13: alias_aenigma, asraei, brianatripleim_, faeriidust, gothic_rose15, labernyth, lillerz, pink_creme, silver_sun, thefullchi, whuta_dork, xprincessbeccax, x_lovely_x
Member of:2: harvestmoon, _birthdays
Account type:Early Adopter

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