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Below is information about the "`'~--> ClaiM y0ur 0WN sOnG ♪" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:s0ng_claims (140348)
Name:`'~--> ClaiM y0ur 0WN sOnG ♪
Location:United States

Woo Hoo!!...

yay! you made it to the community. go you. so, since your here i guess you kinda wanna know what goes on here. well in this community you are allowd to claim any song of your choice. "oh really?!!" yes really. all you have to do is write an entry in the community and tell me which song you want! yes, it is that simple.

Rules My Friend...

oh yes..theres rules. hey i said the community was simple, i never said it was perfect
``':__ 1. first 150 claimers get 2 songs. now if you know math that means if your claimer 151, 300 songs are already taken. So, claim quickly.
``':__ 2. you can't claim a song someone already has. however, if you rreeaallllyy want the song someone has, ask them to share it. if they say thats cool, tell me, and ill make a co-claim on the list of claimed songs.
``':__ 3. i know there are people out there who hate some music/artists. personally, i cannot stand avril lavigne. but, if someone comes to the community and wants to claim....Sk8er Boi, for example, im not going to comment to them "oh MAN your such a goddamn poser for liking avril. you should rot" and neither should you. if someone does do that to you, then complain to me, and ill kick their ass.............................out of the community, and un-claim their song( s )
``':__ 4. don't complan to me that someone was "swearing" too much. i swear a lot and as the maintainer, i dont give a fuck if people are swearing, and if you have a problem with that....dont join.
``':__ 5. after 150 people its one ( 1 ) song per person. no renegotiating with person 151. is 151 after 150? yes, yes it is. then you get one song.
``':__ 6. if your journal gets deleted then your songs become un-claimed. its that blunt.......

El Song'o`s...

as for the songs, any song can be claimed. from punk to pop, to rap to classical, to country, to emo et cetera. like i said before, i dont want any comments about the fact someone likes a differnt gener than you. you'll just look like an asshole screaming at someone about their taste in music. its also annoying as all hell


Claimed Songs
3 Is A Charm: By- The Starting Line Claimed By: whenkellycries
3 Simple Words: By- Finch Claimed By: xpaperheartx
70 x 7: By- Brand New Claimed By: curb
98 Quite Bitter Things: By- CKY Claimed By: wannabe_bassist
99 Luft Balloons: By- Nena Claimed By: xxrejectxx
Above Me: By- Rufio Claimed By: sh00ting_stars
Awake: By- Finch Claimed By: curb
Bad Case Of A Broken Heart: By- The Ataris Claimed By: alone_she_cries
Blue and Yellow: By- The Used Claimed By: tastexofxink
Breathing: By- Lifehouse Claimed By: sh00ting_stars
Bring Me To Life: By- Evanescence Claimed By: nephilum
Concreat Angel By- Martina McBride Claimed By xokeebzox
Cute Without The "E" [cut from the team]: By- Taking Back Sunday Claimed By: heslikesuicide
Dammaged: By- TLC Claimed By: riotgirlpeaches
Days Of The Phonix: By- A Fire Inside Claimed By: falsenail0nwall
Dont Push Love Away: By- The Juliana Throry Claimed By: badxdiaryxdays
Dont Speak: By- No Doubt Claimed By: inconstant
Down: By- Kutless Claimed By: wishingxaway
Downward Spiral: By- Nine Inch Nails Claimed By: geekyindie
Ender: By- Finch Claimed By: wishingxaway
Flag Poll Sitta: By- Harvey Danger Claimed By: xxrejectxx
Girls Rox Boys: By- Wakefield Claimed By: walkingonglass
Good Times: By- Finger Eleven Claimed By: xpaperheartx
Hello Huston: By- The Starting Line Claimed By: kidvicious24
Hit Or Miss: By- New Found Glory Claimed By: addictd_to_you
Hold On: By- Good Charlotte Claimed By: __yournamehere_
In This Diary: By- The Ataris Claimed By: kidvicious24
Is This Real: By- Lisahall Claimed By: inconstant
It Never Snows in Florida: By- New Found Glory Claimed By: addictd_to_you
Jet Black New Year: By- Thursday Claimed By: badxdiaryxdays
Konstantine: By- Something Corporate Claimed by: alone_she_cries
Laterdlus: By- Tool Claimed By: nephilum
Letters To You: By- Finch Claimed By: xokeebzox
Lonely Days: By- Mest Claimed By: __yournamehere_
Lover I Dont Have To Love: By- Bright Eyes Claimed By: phe0be_cates
Many Men: By- 50 Cent Claimed By: shadymissuz
Mr. Self Distruct: By- Nine Inch Nails Claimed by: deprave
My Bloody Valentine: By-Good Charlotte Claimed By: gravity_girl
My Last Breath: By- Evanescence Claimed By: affection
Nerdy: By- Poison The Well Claimed By: melliefalls
Outside: By- Staind Claimed By: mmm_melly
Poetic Tragity: By- The Used Claimed By: kissable_quiet
Reasons: By- Mest Claimed By: gravity_girl
Saving Myself: By- Count The Stars Claimed By: annieareyouokay
Stars: By- T.A.T.U Claimed by: mmm_melly
Stay With Me: By- Finch Claimed By: annieareyouokay
Stuck: By- Alliser Claimed By: whenkellycries
Stunt Piolts: By- Kill Hannah Claimed By: deprave
Taking It Down + Chopping It Up: By- The Movielife Claimed By: walkingonglass
Taking Over Me: By- Evanescence Claimed By: affection
Teenage Dirtbag: By- Wheatus Claimed By: falsenail0nwall
The Taste Of Ink: By- The Used Claimed By: wannabe_bassist
Touchdown Boy: By- Blink 182 Claimed By: kissable_quiet
Trouble Breathing: By- Alkaine Trio Claimed By: melliefalls
Warning: By- Incubus Claimed By: phe0be_cates
What It Is To Burn: By- Finch Claimed By: tastexofxink
Without You Here: By- Finch Claimed By: wiishun
Wonderwall: By- Oasis Claimed By: wiishun

Interests:105: 50 cent, aaliyah, afi, alanis morissette, alkaline trio, allister, american hi-fi, anti-flag, avril lavigne, b2k, bet, blink-182, bouncing souls, bow wow, bowling for soup, boxcar racer, brand new, britney spears, catch 22, chevelle, country, dashboard confessional, dead kennedys, dead legend, decendents, dmx, dropkick murphys, eminem, emo, evanescence, finch, flogging molly, from autumn to ashes, further seems forever, ginuwine, goldfinger, goo goo dolls, good charlotte, green day, grover dill, guster, home grown, j-boog, j.lo, ja rule, jazz, jimmy eat world, justin timberlake, lil fizz, ll cool j, lost city angels, mest, michelle branch, midtown, music, music videos, mxpx, n*sync, new found glory, nirvana, nofx, novus dae, offspring, omarion, pop, punk, ramones, rancid, rap, raz-b, reel big fish, riddlin' kids, rock, rufio, saves the day, sex pistols, simple plan, ska, something corporate, steve miller band, sugarcult, taking back sunday, the all-american rejects, the ataris, the clash, the dave matthews band, the hippos, the movielife, the starting line, the used, third eye blind, throne, thursday, tlc, transplants, tsunami bomb, ultimate fakebook, unwritten law, vanessa carlton, wakefield, xtina, , , ,
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