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Below is user information for cheLseA*. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:s0_invisible (914781)
Location:New York, United States
AOL IM:askme&illtellyou (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:my names chelsea. im kinda shy, but kinda outgoing. kinda crazy and upbeat, but kinda relaxed and chill. idk, i cant describe myself. i like to be spontaneous. i can be a great person to talk to because i really listen. i like to talk to people about my problems, thats how i vent. sometimes i have a hard time opening up to people. i bite my nails when im nervous and bored. i chew on my pens and pencils. i have blue eyes and reddish brown hair. i have 10 piercings including a nose ring. i love piercings. im interested in meeting new people, as long as their not assholes or fake. id like to be your blurty friend, of course :). idk what you think of me so far but let me tell you, i can be a bitch if you get on my nerves or rub me the wrong way and i dont do apologies. fuck is my favorite word, i think cause its just so out there and has more then 1 meaning. so fuck you. i can be hyppocritical, and if you hate me already, why bother to keep reading this ? actually, i do the same thing. i try to be a good person and if you have any questions or anything ill try to help you.
Interests:150: a static lullaby, ac/dc, action action, aim, alice in wonderland, american hi-fi, angelina jolie, angels, animals, avril lavigne, babies, bam margera, beastie boys, biting, black eyed peas, blink182, bowling for soup, bows, box car racer, brad pitt, brand new, bright colors, bright eyes, burning things, cards, cauterize, cheers, chewing, christina aguilera, clothes, collages, cookie-dough ice cream, crazy beautiful, crossfade, cypress hill, d-12, dashboard confessionals, dazed and confused, dimples, dirty dancing, drawing, dream catchers, dressing up, eating ice cubes, eminem, eurotrip, everclear, eyes, fall out boy, fire, flowers, fuck, george clooney, greenday, guns 'n' roses, guys, hair, half baked, halloween, hawthorne heights, hearts, hedgehogs, heels, hopeless romantics, hugs, jackass, jewlery, jimmy eat world, johnny depp, johnny knoxville, kelly clarkson, kisses, ladder 49, law and order, led zepplin, linkin park, lips, magazines, makeup, making friends, making wishes, maroon 5, matchbox romance, matches, memories, music, my blankie, my chemical romance, nail polish, nail-biting, new found glory, nirvana, no doubt, painting, papa roach, pearls, perfume, permanent markers, photo albums, pictures, piercings, pink floyd, poems, pretty in pink, quotes, rain, scrapbooks, scribbling, senses fail, simple plan, sixteen candles, skirts, smashing pumpkins, smile empty soul, snow, soccer, softball, south park, stars, story of the year, sublime, sugarcult, sum41, sun, sweatshirts, switchfoot, taking back sunday, tattoos, techno, the all-american rejects, the beach, the breakfast club, the butterfly effect, the dave chappelle show, the killers, the notebook, the offspring, the real world, the ring, the used, thunder, thunderstorms, tye-dye, van halen, viva la bam, weezer, white oleander, yankees, yellow card, zippos
Friends:1: emolyrics
Member of:1: emolyrics
Account type:Free User

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