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User:ryanysus (806464)  
Name:Ryan Matthews
Location:Pennsauken, New Jersey, United States
Bio:Well, my name is Ryan Matthews and I'm kickin it back for summer right now. Some people call me Ry and others call me Matthews and every other day or so someone calls me a hippie, haha, I'm really not I just like nature and enjoy many of its benefits i.e. cannibus, goin' to Phish shows, have long hair and look like Jim Morrison but I am definitely not a real hippie, haha. I mean, I see people with crazy dreads and even crazier clothes and don't get me wrong those people are cool as hell but I couldn't live without a shower. So anyway I'm a Philly native living in Jersey but It's cool in Jersey. We got the shore and thats all i really care about besides my beautiful girlfriend Caiti whom I Love very much. I recently graduated from Camden Catholic and next year I'll be up at Rutgers New Brunswick for a year or two. Then after that hopefully, if I keep my grades up, I'll be at Cornell learning how to make wine and grow some dank plants. I also want to learn architecture so that I can design my own estate.

I have many many interests so i guess i better get listing.........I love to travel more than anything, its the only real way to experience the world and to learn new laguages and cultures and to just have the best time ever. I love art, especially paintings and bonsai, but photography, drawing, sculpting, and architecture definitely are all fascinating. Im a sucker for foreign languages. My goal is to know at least 12 when I die. French is without a doubt the most beautiful language but i really want to learn Japanese and Italian too. I was opened up to the world a year ago when i first went overseas to Europe, I saw Florence, Venice, Rome, Lucern, Innsbruck and small towns all over Tuscany. That trip is what inspired me to be the way I am. It made me want to spend my days growing grapes and making good wine. Oh, and I have some excellent ideas for new kinds of wine. A lot of people are going to be very happy in a couple of years. Just look for the bottle with Matteo on it. I have to make my name look Italian so that people aren't detered from buying my "Irish" wine, haha.

So far this summer I've been having a blast. I went down to Bonnaroo a couple weeks ago and that was the most intense festival I've ever been to. The Dead = Incredible and Trey = Awesome. The whole scene was a four day party. Everyone was nice and having a great time. I'm looking forward to my upcoming Phish shows in August. Im going to the 12th show in Camden and the last two shows at Coventry in upstate Vermont. We're totally gonna make a Canada trip out of this one. I love it. If any of you guys are going write me and we'll have a great time. I'm going up with a bunch of my friends and they're all really cool people. Or if anyone is going to Hawaii from the 17th to the 24th definitely write me a letter. Hawaii is going to be a wild adventure.
Interests:20: art, botany, caiti, cooking, dancing, experience, frisbee, herbs, language, music, nature, nymphomania, painting, people, sailing, singing, the beach, travel, vegetarianism, wine
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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