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Below is user information for .lane.. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:rxysunshine (97357)
Location:Richmond, Virginia, United States
AOL IM:rxysunshine (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:rxysunshine (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:i dont have all the answers...

[x] First Name: Katherine
[x] Middle Name: Lane
[x] Last Name: Moore
[x] Nick Name[s]: Lana, Laner, Laners, Lah-nay, Boggs
[x] Gender: female
[x] Age: 16
[x] Birthday: May 18
[x] Hair Color: brown
[x] Eye Color: blue
[x] Ethnicity: irish and scottish mostly
[x] Hair Short or Long: Long
[x] You Were Born Where: Arkansas
[x] You Now Live: RVA
[x] Piercings: yes
[x] If Yes Where & How Many: 5 in my ears
Interests:132: a static lullaby, aar, acceptance, action action, adara, afi, alkaline trio, alley katz, allister, arkansas, armor for sleep, atkins lane, autopilot off, beautiful mistake, boy meets world, boys night out, boys with guitars, brand new, brand new disaster, bright eyes, bubbles, carytown, christianity, clockwork grace, coheed and cambria, count the stars, daisies, dashboard confessional, deathcab for cutie, dreams, drive-thru records, elmo, emo, emo boys, empire records, engine down, fairweather, fairy tales, fall out boy, fighting gravity, finch, franz ferdinand, further seems forever, germany, ghs, girls night, hey mercedes, homegrown, homestar runner, hoodies, hot hot heat, hot rod circuit, j.e.w., jason wade, jets to brazil, journaling, laughing, lifehouse, living sacrifice, love, lucky boys confusion, mae, matchbook romance, michelle branch, midtown, mission work, mississippi, mountains, muse, music, mxpx, my chemical romance, new found glory, painting, penguins, phil baquie, photography, pillow fights, playing in the rain, poetry, pop-punk, punk-rock, rainy days, relient k, riddlin kids, road-trips, sauconys, saves the day, scarlet, seniors, senses fail, shows, sketchy places downtown, slurpees, snowdogs, somehow hollow, something corporate, spill canvas, stars, story of the year, straylight run, strike anywhere, sxe, taking back sunday, the ataris, the blamed, the canal club, the clash, the december drive, the deuce project, the early november, the exit, the get up kids, the movielife, the new amsterdams, the ocean, the ramones, the reunion show, the rocket summer, the sounds, the starting line, the used, theatre, thrice, thursday, tooth and nail records, traveling, tyson ritter, underoath, unkown bands, wakefield, yellowcard
Friends:8: allshookup, faithinhim, killkillkill, lovelyiris518, slightlyviolent, trigger__happy, wokeupinacar, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Friend of:20: 1loudhottie9701, allshookup, burningtonight, cheernchik52, crystaaal, emergencyexit, faithinhim, kameroon7, killkillkill, lil_dreamer, liveoutloud, lovelyiris518, mnmdork, odietamo, passionsfreak, schwoeb, shewhotripsalot, slightlyviolent, wokeupinacar, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Member of:2: ic0nz_, quizzrz
Account type:Early Adopter

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