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User:rupertgiles_ (490779)
Website:Angel Investigations
Location:Sunnydale, California, United States
AOL IM:BloodyMuder2 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Rupert Giles came to Sunnydale to perform the duties of Watcher. What he found was a slayer unlike any other. His slayer had a life seperate from that of her slaying and he soon found that he cared for her as a father, not just a slayer.

Giles had a rebellious youth, which included invoking demons for personal pleasure with friend Ethan Rayne. Giles left that life behind and became the "tweed clad defender of the innocent." While Giles has been an excellent watcher, his personal life has definately been without.

Giles fell in love with Computer Science teacher Jenny Calendar, only to have her killed by Angel and left in his bed to find. Soon after he was kidnapped by Angel and tortured for several hours. The women in Giles life after Jenny have been few and far between. During a spell by old friend Ethan Rayne, Giles and the rest of the adults in Sunnydale experienced a second childhood. Giles and Joyce (Buffy's Mom!) got to know each other VERY well! After Joyce, Giles was alone again.

After interfering with the Council Test on Buffy's 18 birthday, Giles was fired from his post as watcher. He reamined in Sunnydale as Librarian and watched over Buffy and Faith as the new watcher Wesley, consistantly made mistakes. Giles found a little love with a friend from England, Olivia. She has come to visit him in Sunnydale during his Gentleman of Leisure days. She has not been back since the Gentleman came to Sunnydale.

After a year spent doing hardly anything and the increasing feeling that he was no longer needed, Giles decided to return to England. Until Buffy told him that she needs him to be her watcher again as she begins her quest to understand her slayer powers. Giles bought the magic box and finally has a career again. He has turned the back of the shop into a training area for Buffy.

Giles was recently reinstated as Buffy's offical Watcher. He's helping her with Glory - but more importantly he's helping her cope right now with the sudden loss of her mother. Giles is speared in the side during a battle with the Knights. Giles takes it upon himself to kill Ben - thus killing Glory! He is heartbroken by the loss of Buffy! After losing Buffy, Giles decides that he is no longer needed in Sunnydale - but after she is resurrected he returns to Sunnydale but for how long - no one knows. Well it seemed - not for long - after a few weeks in Sunnydale - Giles realized he was holding his slayer back - and that in order for her to stand on her own to feet - he had to leave - so he returned to England - for good. He returns just in time to help Buffy fight Willow.

Giles took willow back to England with him - and he's helping her to harness her powers. He is guiding her - instead of jailing her -and helping her accept what is inside of her now.
Interests:2: buffy, watcher
Friends:3: buffytheslayer_, slayer_ic0ns, sunnydalehell_
Friend of:7: angelthesoulboy, buffysummersxo_, drusillaqueen_, willowthewiccax, _cordeliachase_, _cordeliaqueen_, _spikeevilvamp_
Member of:3: buffytheslayer_, slayer_ic0ns, sunnydalehell_
Account type:Free User

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