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Below is information about the "Ska Community" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:rudies (174449)
Name:Ska Community
About:This Community is for all the rude boy and girls out there, and any people who like ska music, and want to talk about it.
We're the ones who think the horn line is boss, the ones who'll skank all night and day, the ones who will hitch hike all day to go to a ska summit. Dedicated and true.
First Wave, Two Tone, Third Wave, Ska-Punk, whatever, it's all good here.
So, weather you're all about ska or not, you can join, but if you 'dis' anyone or their opinions you can get kicked out.
Interests:139: aaa, against all authority, agent 99, animal chin, asianman records, bad manners, blue meanies, buck-o-nine, catch-22, channel six, checkerboard, checkered cabs, choking victim, chuck taylors, chucks, citizen fish, codename: rocky, concerts, conflict, converse, converse shoes, culture shock, dance hall crashers, doctor manette, dropkick murpheys, easy big fella, eclectics, edna's goldfish, failed experiment records, fat wreck chords, fff, first grade crush, first wave ska, five iron frenzy, forces of evil, goldfinger, greenhouse, grovers, harolds trousers, headache, highball holiday, home grown, hot stove jimmy, indk, janitors against apartheid, jeffries fan club, jump up records, kemuri, kid nikki, king apparatus, leftover crack, less than jake, link 80, los skarnales, low pressure, ltj, mad caddies, madness, mealticket, megasuperultra, mephiskapheles, mighty blue kings, mighty mighty bosstones, mike park, monsignors, moon ska records, morning glory, mr. t experience, mu330, music, mustard plug, my superhero, nausea operation ivy, orangetree, pain, parka kings, penny and the loafers, potato 5, rbf, reel big fish, reggae, reggae ska, reggae-ska, river city rebels, rude boys, rude girls, rx bandits, save ferris, second wave ska, shows, siren six, ska, ska shows, ska ska club, ska-core, ska-punk, skacore, skalawags, skanking, skapone, skinnerbox, skunk, slapstick, slim jim conspiracy, slow gherkin, spring heeled jack, suburban legends, telegraph, the aquabats, the brownies, the bruce lee band, the chinkees, the decepticonz, the dingees, the gadjits, the hippos, the impossibles, the jinkies, the kingpins, the robustos, the rudiments, the selecter, the shuttlecocks, the skattelites, the skoidats, the skolars, the slackers, the specials, the suicide machines, the toasters, the tossers, thick records, third wave ska, thumper, two tone, two-tone, twotone, vgs, voodoo glowskulls
Members:39: animal_rawr, apocalysmica, crossxmyxeyesx, dark_blue_tears, delajesus123, emptyvision, evangeline, hippochamp, imogen, jpags, killerhornet, make_me_believe, mandababe1187, mattturneromg, medievalxstars, momyslilmonster, ness, plastiic, power_off, rudeboy27, sixteen_stars, skaneverdies, skankinfojesus, skankinrudey, skatomicchick, skatrumpet1, specialsskank, spreadtheanger, strikeaposer, taquila77, vixsotomonster, whalegirl, wtf_its_ser, xred_bandit, x_dejayou, yvan_ray, _electricbaby, __stubbygrubbs, ___drop___
Watched by:20: anitapitabread, apocalysmica, dark_blue_tears, delajesus123, evangeline, hippochamp, mako_eyes, mandababe1187, medievalxstars, power_off, rudeboy27, skaneverdies, skankinfojesus, skankinrudey, skatomicchick, skatrumpet1, specialsskank, spreadtheanger, strikeaposer, ___drop___
Account type:Early Adopter

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