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User:rubyandloveless (642205)
Location:Syracuse, New York, United States
Bio:I like to write and draw mostly. That's a big part of my life. If i see something I really like, I'll most likely draw it. Through writing I can express my ideas to others and also express myself. I can really connect with people through writing sometimes. Even just a simple Hello or How are you type of thing. But not only through writing can i express myself, but the way I was born. I was made a certain way which no one is going to make me change. I'm always going to Cat, the fun loving, humorous girl next door type of person. I hate it when people change just to fit in. It just shows how much a person wants to be accepted. I used to have that problem of having to be accepted everywhere in every "group". But, I'm not like that... I realized if these people can't accept me for the way I am then that is their problem... so I stopped... but im sure u dont want to hear me babble on about this... hehe. Anywho my point is don't just because someone can bad mouth you all they want. you are you and that is the way it is. Love yourself. =)
Interests:62: appreciated,, art, austin powers, autumn, being alive, bi, billy elliot, black, breathing, brownies, charmed, computer, darkness falls, depression, drawing, feeling, feet, fire, forrests, funny, gay, hands, happy, hearing, ice, lion king, little mermaid, lonely, looking, love, mint ice cream, movies, mtv, nature, not perfect, painting, photography, ps2, purple, sad, school of rock, screaming, singing, sleeping, snow, tasting, the earth, the matrix, the ocean, the others, the ring, thinking, trapt, tv, walking, warmth, water, whispering, wicca, winter, writing
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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