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Below is information about the "RPG Personals" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:rpg_personals (126347)
Name:RPG Personals
About:This community is almost like a personals section for RPG writers.

If you are a RP writer with storyline ideas that you want to write and they are not getting written in the communities you belong to, then this is the place for you.

This is not a place to advertise new RPG communities and posts like that will be deleted.

This is a community for people to post for RPG partner(s) so they can play out storyline ideas without having to create a new journal and try to find a new community to join.

This is an effort to reduce the number of new communities created each day because people only want to play Britney and Justin.

So, you want to know how to post here? Well, here's a few things you should include in your post:

You should include who you are playing and give a little information on your character. Tell people whether you are playing them as a celeb or as a PB. You should also include what character(s) you are interested in RPing with. Then include a short description of your storyline idea and your AIM name.

For example...

I want to RP as Britney. My Britney is a cocky, self assured woman who doesn't let people walk all over her. I am looking for someone to RP as Justin Timberlake and JC Chasez. My storyline ideas include a relationship between Britney and one of the guys, where the other guy is later brought in as part of the relationship. I think it would be interesting to see where this might lead to. My AIM name is i am britney.

Or here's one more example...

My character's name is Jeff Davis and he is PB Joel Madden. He is 24 and a waiter at a little coffee chop. He comes from a broken home and has to work hard for what he has achieved in his life so far. I am looking for someone to write a character PB Tony Lovato. The PB Tony Lovato character would come into Jeff's life and help him straighten things out a lot, by not dealing with any of Jeff's shit. If you are interested in playing this storyline, my AIM is just jeff.

The upside to this method is that you can post for as many different characters and ideas as you have and you don't need a journal or new community for any of them! You will just be able to find writers who are interested in writing with you without the constraints of a community where things might not go your way in developing the storyline you are interested in playing!

So, come and join, and post your requests! All types of characters are welcome to post. All ages, all sexual preference, all anything! We do not discriminate.

(Please note: You do not have to join this community with a celeb or PB journal. You can join with your personal journal or any journal you would like to use. Just be sure to leave your AIM name in your post so people will be able to contact you to play.)

This community is the sister community to rpg_ads. If you have new RPG ads to post, please do so in that community and not here.
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