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Below is user information for every star that i see is brighter than the last. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:roughxdraft (129377)
Name:every star that i see is brighter than the last
Website:my life in the making
Location:United States
Bio:\m/ (o_O) \m/

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Interests:147: ?, a static lullaby, adio, admiralness, alk3, all american rejects, allister, american nightmare, andrew wk, anti miami beach, at the drive in, at the drive-in, bam margera, bands, being an admiral!, boom boom, boyfriends, boys, brand new, brandon dicamillo, camp kill yourself, catch 22, cave in, cell phones, chad ginsburg, chris pontius, cky, cky2k, cky3, cky4, coffee, coheed and cambria, converge, count the stars, cream puffs, crying, cuddling, curl up and die, cursive, dave england, december, dickies, dillinger escape plan, dinosaurs, drive thru records, ehren mcghehey, element, emo, etnies, eyeliner, fairy tales, finch, further seems forever, glasseater, glassjaw, glowsticks, green day, gummy bears, haggard, hardcore, him, hoodies, horses, hot topic, hugs, i love you, jackass, jess margera, johnny knoxville, lip gloss, llamas, local bands, lost prophets, mest, metal, mixes, mood swings, mosh pit, motox, movies, music, no school, old afi, olp, pacifier, pajamas, pennywise, phantom planet, photography, piebald, pillows, pirates, poison the well, punk, raab himself, rancid, randomness, rawr, razorblade romance, riding, rock, rufio, ryan dunn, saves the day, sequoya, sevendust, simple kill, ska, skateboarders, skittles, sleeping, snow, soffees, something corporate, sparkles, stars, starstruck, steve-o, sum 41, taco bell, taking back sunday, taking pictures, the ataris, the beatles, the blood brothers, the distillers, the juliana theory, the movielife, the starting line, thrice, thursday, tragic kingdom, traveling, trips, true love, unwritten law, vans, vending machines, ville valo, volcom, warped tour, water, weeman, yellowcard, , ,
Friends:44: ambivalentxstar, bleedxforxyou, dreaminxreality, emotionoverload, fallenxangel04, ffrreeaakk, freekiegreekie, fuckinfabulous, ghettopirategrl, girly_desires, gumiebear, gurlish, haggardbamcky2k, imawriter, kishez_, kristinbuttface, lindsay_x3, n0t_t0o_y0unq, neverxforget, nybrowneyes718, puertoricanboy, punkadoodledoo, punkbaby, punkrocker89, qtelilmeeh17, reason, rolemodel, scarednconfused, skater_god, st0lenkiizzies, the_unknown, truly, tryintoshapeup, unwillingly, used__, wanna_fxck, xentropybeastx, xjustme, xlilsexpistolx, xodancerox, xxsporadicxx, yourstokeep, _dirrtybl0nde, _huggs_
Friend of:31: ffrreeaakk, freekiegreekie, fuckinfabulous, ghettopirategrl, girly_desires, gumiebear, gurlish, kishez_, kristinbuttface, lylqbanshortii, n0t_t0o_y0unq, neverxforget, nybrowneyes718, puertoricanboy, qtelilmeeh17, rockmehardxcore, rolemodel, skater_god, st0lenkiizzies, tryintoshapeup, unwillingly, wanna_fxck, whorexcrew, xendlessxdarkx, xentropybeastx, xlilsexpistolx, xpiixiie, xxjustpretendxx, xxsporadicxx, _dirrtybl0nde, _huggs_
Member of:22: afireinside_, caribbeanpirate, cky_alliance, dangerouslyrics, emolyrics, emomart, haggard_bam, hella_quotes, hoodiewhores, ilovesurveys, jackassness, jackass_cky, jackass_l0vers, layoutish, layout_haven, lifeisaxsong, musicislifex, r0ck_my_panties, rpg_ads, screamo_fuckers, t0_dead_t0_care, xband_claimsx
Account type:Early Adopter

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