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User:roswell69 (238149)
Bio:I like Roswell, but it got canned. Likes Popular but its off too. Seems like its the way with all the shows I love
Memories:7 entries
Interests:116: 43 things, acting, anime, astrology, ben kingsley, birls, biting, blindfolds, boys kissing boys, cats, chocolate covered strawberries, cooking, directing, documentaries, drag kings, drag queens, dragonflies, esp, eternal sunshine, eygpt, feminism, fight club, filming, fingersmith, foamy icons, focus features, frida kahlo, guitars, handcuffs, happy bunny, happy mania, harry/draco, hawaii, hg/ss, indie films, james franco, kewpie dolls, kissing, knowledge, kyle xy, l.p, lain, latinas, lgbt rights, lindsay lohan, lip piercings, losing weight, lust, manga, margaret cho, masturbating, michael moore, michael/maria, miltown kings, neurotically yours, ocean, pablo neruda, pansexuality, passions, pcos management, phoenix, photography, piercings, pinky and the brain, planned parenthood, poetry, pride, pro choice, project q, quentin tarantino, raviv ullman, reading, red dwarf, remus/sirius, ren and stimpy, ron/draco, ron/pansy, roswell, roswell fan fiction, rupert grint, sailormoon, sailoruranus, sami/lucas, sarcasm, scriptwriting, secrets, selena, shaun of the dead, shortbus, sims, singing, slash, smokers, songwriting, south park, spanish, spencer gifts, stewie griffin, sudoku, tattoos, tegan and sara, the godfather, the mummy, the notebook, the westing game, this business of art, thornbird, trans rights, traveling, vibrators, virgin suicides, volkswagen beetles, volunteering, whip cream, white roses, writing
Friends:1: rk86_05
Account type:Free User

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