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Below is user information for My gLaSs iS HalF FuLL bUt it tastEs likE ShIT. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:rockthestarrz (726683)
Name:My gLaSs iS HalF FuLL bUt it tastEs likE ShIT
Location:Maryland, United States
Bio:Mini-Biography about me? Hmm, well there are only a couple things I can think of to say in here! Im creative and outgoing, told that i can be blunt, so whatever I put in here would be my thoughts, so dont comment about how you dont like something about my life. Be positive! Hahah because being nice matters! Im sorry to offend anyone by this thing, but like i said its MY thoughts!

Anyways, Im Laura, from Maryland, a two street town in maryland that is. I like variety in my life. Always something going on around my house. Too much drama. Well, thanks for reading my journal and come again sometime!
Interests:28: alkaline trio, books, bottles, christmas, crazy hair, dates, drawing, drinking, elvis, emo, fashion, friends, halloween, marilyn monroe, movies, music, nightmare before christmas, painting, peircings, polka-dots, punk, reading, rollerblading, sewing, sleeping, soda, tattoos, tim burton
Friends:5: carinoso, innocent_kiss_, zipperhead, _blurtybuddies, _prettywaste
Account type:Free User

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