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Below is user information for K@!tl!n. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:rockstaaaah (351603)
Bio:To be completely honest, I'm a messed up kid with messed up morals and a messed up outlook and the world. I am completely in love with my girlfriend, *but* I no longer define myself as gay. Too many cute boys have caught my eye for that! Soul and conversation are much better than body and sex anyway. (Not to say she isn't the best! ;-D) Nothing irks me more than two-facing; lying to me is OK, but telling two different stories is a completely other thing. I love my friends, am totally uncomfortable in my skin, like solitude, get stressed easily and spend alot of time lost in thought about the purposes of things- although to you, I'd probably come out shallow. I can't wait to get out of my small town and spend decades abroad...I just have to remember that you can't run from problems. Anyway, this has turned into a full-chapter biography instead of a mini one, so read my diary if ya wanna know more. Comments are appreciated! :-)
Interests:39: 80s rock, afi, alternative music, billy martin, black and white movies, claymation, cooking, cyndi lauper, everything, folk music, guitar, harp, industrial music, johnny depp, lacrosse, local bands, lots of other stuff, mexico, movies, neil gaiman, nin, oldies music, painting, photography, punk music, seattle, sketching, sub-titled films, swimming, sylvia plath, tatu, tim burton, vacations, volleyball, wakeboarding, watching sunrises, watching sunsets, writing, zines
Friends:5: billets_doux, i_love_danny_a, lithium_bi_girl, tainted_l0ve_, wiccan_poetry
Friend of:2: tainted_l0ve_, wiccan_poetry
Member of:1: billets_doux
Account type:Free User

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