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Below is user information for Im rad__ You're rad__ LETS HUG!!*!!. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:rockmysocks (16678)
Name:Im rad__ You're rad__ LETS HUG!!*!!
Location:California, United States
Bio:JOIN Simple_Layout

Thank you toungue@GJ for some of my layouts. and thens delish_@GJ for the Rad layout!!

Interests:145: 80's teen movies, 80s flicks, 80s music, afi, american idol, angelina jolie, anything chocolate, art, astrology, atheism, audrey hepburn, bands, beach, better off dead, black eye liner, blurty, books, boy dont cry, boys, british comedies, britney spears, caring, chad michael murray, charcoals, chicago, chick flicks, clubs, coffee, comedy, compasion, compassion, cristina aguilera, dancing in my nuddypants, death, drawing, eas, eating, emo, eyes, fashion, fashion design, feet, flaws, french, geeky boys, gia, gossip girl, granada hills, granada hills high school., greatestjournal, hair dye, hands, heartbreak, heathers, helping, helping with layouts, history, icons, illusion, indie, interpol, interpole, islands, jackass, jenna jameson, kissing, lavender, layouts, leather and lace, led zepellin, life, livejournal, london, love, lovers, lust, magic, makeup, marilyn monroe, michelle branch, movies, music, my vegas heart, nails, naughty boys, new york, no doubt, olsen twins, painting, paradise, paris, passion, pastels, philosophy, photography, picasso, piercings, poetry, psychology, punk boys, radiohead, randomn body art, rap, rating, reading, red lipstick, rock, sculpting, second helpings, sex and the city, showing love, sin, sixteen candles, ska, sleeping, sloppy firsts, snoopy, starbucks, sublime, sun, sun rises, sunsets, tattoos, the cure, the internet, the meaning of life, the osbournes, the strokes, the used, the virgin suicides, the white stripes, thoughts, three days grace, tinkerbell, tip toe charlies, valleygirl, van gogh, vanilla sky, victor, watching tv, web cams, white roses, writing, yellow roses, yoga
Friends:17: allifay, ami_yourtype, artlover2788, butterfli08, hopedies_last, label_whores, lamex0uts, lay0ut_n_more, loser_me, lust_love_pain, n0_leaf_clover, simple_layout, twistas87, undacover_lova, wickedsway, x_lost_tears_0, _seductiionsz
Friend of:13: fallenstars, feistyangel, feistykittie, funshinebear, gillyismypimp, hopedies_last, loser_me, n0_leaf_clover, sinfulstars, twistas87, wut_a_nut_413, xemogirlx, x_lost_tears_0
Member of:4: ami_yourtype, lamex0uts, simple_layout, __breathe
Account type:Early Adopter

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