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Below is user information for ~ ghetto rocka' chick::. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:rockin_chicken (59570)
Name:~ ghetto rocka' chick::
Location:Jackson, Mississippi, United States
AOL IM:jr high romance (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:it's all about the music. & the love.


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Memories:1 entry
Interests:134: 12 stones, 3 doors down, 59570, a clockwork orange, abandoned pools, all american rejects, all genres of music, almost famous, alternative, angelina jolie, ani difranco, artificial joy club, barbies, beavis', ben harper, benny and joon, bikini kill, blessid union of souls, blind melon, bob, bob the tomato, body piercings, bracelets, brad pitt, bright colors, bright eyes, cannibal corpse, carebears, carrots, chain wallets, christina ricci, colorful hair, crustaceans, crys, david banner, detroit rock city, dorks, dots, elephants, elliot smith, emo, everwood, fairies, fairuza balk, fight club, flavored tootsie rolls, foo fighters, garbage, geeks, gilmore girls, goldie hawn, greenwheel, gregory smith, hair dye, happy meals, hot fries, icons, jack johnson, jelly beans, johnny depp, johnny rotten, kate hudson, kool-aid, laughing, lisa loeb, liz phair, maynard, mazzy star, mcalisters, messenger bags, metal, michael rosenbaum, music, my little pony, nancy spungen, necklaces, nerds, nerds rope, nirvana, no lesser beauty, online journals, open minded people, pancakes, plaid, poboys, polka dots, popples, pretty hair, pretty in pink, punk, quiche, quiznos, quizzes, ragewars, rainbows, ranch dressing, rancid, rap, rice krispie treats, rocky horror picture show, rubber bracelets, rubber chickens, sex pistols, shannon hoon, shirley manson, sid vicious, simple plan, ska, skittles, smashing pumpkins, sneaker pimps, sonic, spark plugs, spiked hair, spikes, sprite, starburst, strangeness, stretch princess, stripes, studs, subs, sunflower seeds, surveys, tattoos, the cure, the melvins, the poky little puppy, the ramones, thrift stores, tom welling, tool, uniqueness, weirdness
Friends:47: 0bscene_design, 121283, antisocialziee, audras_icons, baboon_scrotum, blinkie_land, brittni_420247, chesire_cat, crazy_4_icons, dementedcrackho, dramatized0, evomaximus, gies_works, glittergirl, gunther, heartleslie, hellorockview, icons_, juggalo_47, kodak, kytxtie, layoutish, layouts__icons, lay_me_out, mystic_icons, o0holybananas0o, papercutdeath, pridelovelust, prjct_mayhem, rawkin_ic0ns, retroicons, rockin_chicken, rock_icons, sayinggoodbye, sociallessfool, storyofagirl, strawberrycryst, studd, stupid_ass, sweetcherrys, thesuperstar107, time_for_chaos, toosexyforyou, ximperfectsoulx, xlayoutzx, _icon_addiction, _vindictive_
Friend of:42: angelic_secret, antisocialziee, belleicons, bl00dyicecream, chesire_cat, clowns_suck, d0rkywhitegirl, dementedcrackho, dramatized0, evomaximus, fallintothesky, fetish_eyes, forgottendream, glittergirl, gunther, headache75, heartleslie, hellorockview, i_feel_inspired, juggalo_47, kytxtie, makemusic, mobilize, moesus, nikolai, omgsaddam, piinkxstar, pridelovelust, punkr0ckglam, reallif3stellar, rhinestonekitty, rockin_chicken, rubyriotsoho, sayinggoodbye, startwiththis, storyofagirl, studd, stupid_ass, sugarpunk_xxx, thesuperstar107, time_for_chaos, _piink_rawker
Member of:8: audras_icons, baboon_scrotum, bare_it_all, blinkie_land, crazy_4_icons, icons_, layoutish, _icon_addiction
Account type:Early Adopter

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