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User:rockhuerta (132066)
Name:Rock Huerta
Location:Diamond Bar, California, United States
Bio:Rock Huerta Has a Great Sense of Humor
Every week, I get dozens of fan letters telling me just how funny I am, and I am almost positive that up to two of them are sincere. You can't argue with those numbers. Well, I guess you can't argue with any number. Numbers are symbolic representations of amounts, they don't have the capacity to argue on their own behalf. Unless it's a number of debaters, I guess. The point is, when you date me, you'll always be laughing. Except during Ramadan - then I'm all business.

Rock Huerta Is Sensitive
Sure, I may have the verbal skills to dominate a conversation, but I'm sensitive to your needs, too. I know that sometimes, you just need someone to listen. Whatever the reason may be, I understand that you have things on your mind that you have to tell someone. You couldn't ask for a better someone than yours truly. I actually pay attention to what a woman says. I never forget to offer poignant insights like "uh huh," "okay," and "you're right." I can give advice, constructive criticism, or just an open ear. Whatever feelings you need to express, I am the man at whom you can express them. No crying, though. I'm not big on that, so let's keep it to a minimum, okay?

Rock Huerta Is Romantic
Conversation is important, but a relationship has to be built on more than talking one another's ear off. Eventually we will have to go places and do things. Don't you worry your hopefully very pretty head about the details, though. When you're with me, you're in the hands of the most romantic guy in town. Whether it's a picnic on the grass, an evening at the theater (or even at the theatre, if you're good), a homecooked dinner, or a cocktail party, every date with me is guaranteed to be more romantic than a billion orgies. And two to three times classier! I know how important surprises are in a relationship. The surprises never stop with Rock Huerta!! Maybe you'll just have finished cleaning the kitchen, and I'll walk in with an adorable kitten! Or maybe you'll get home from a day of grocery shopping and find me waiting for you with an adorable kitten! Or maybe on our anniversary we'll go to a fancy restaurant, and as our eyes meet over the lush candlelight, I'll reach beneath my chair and pick up your present - an adorable kitten! I know that sometimes romance is as simple as just being together, which is why on those quiet nights, we'll curl up on the couch, snuggle up against our kitten skin throw pillows, and watch a movie. The time you spend with me will be so romantic, your friends will stab their boyfriends for not being romantic enough.

Rock Huerta Is All the Good-Looking in Half the Space
There are lots of good-looking guys out there. Let's say twelve. Sure, they may be sweet, sweet eye-candy, but are they really the guys for you? Think about it. Many of them are six feet tall or more, and they may weigh in at close to, or even more than two hundred pounds. That's a lot of guy to have to lug around everywhere you go. Most good-looking guys are bulky and have sharp corners. But with me, you get all the good looks of your standard good-looking guy in a nice, compact package. Standing at just under 5' 11 and weighing in at just under 140 lbs., I am both sexy and space-efficient. Like a good cell phone, my smaller size comes with a number of advantages. When you lose an earring under the endtable, I can duck right under and grab it for you. Or, just imagine yourself winging across the Pacific on your way to a tropical paradise while I read you traditional Polynesian poetry from the cozy confines of the overhead luggage bin. That brings me to my next point:

Rock Huerta Has Money
Let's face it - money matters. In this fast-paced world of ours, you need money to purchase food items and accessories, gasoline, and hammocks. With me, your money troubles are over. As a professional humor journalist, I have a steady and impressive salary. Picture going out to your favorite fashion boutique and being able to splurge on whatever you want - up to four whole dollars! The fun doesn't stop there, though. I've got a bank account just ripe for the pilfering. We'll travel to exotic places like Over There, Down the Street, and St. Domingo (a little further down the street). We'll dine at the fanciest and snootiest drive-thru restaurants and waffle houses. We'll live it up like poor, poor royalty. Nothing will be beyond our reach, as long as you're willing to use the power of your imagination or take up a life of crime.

Rock Huerta Is a Celebrity
There's more to my celebrity status as a college writer than just money. You get all the social advantages that come with dating a big star. When you're with me, people treat you differently. Your days of waiting for a table are over. Never again will you have to suffer the indignity of waiting for hours outside the hottest clubs, only to be denied entrance. If you get pulled over for reckless driving, the cop will rip up the ticket the moment he realizes that you're with someone as famous as me. At parties, all the eyes will be on you as everyone wonders, "Who is that with that stud Rock?" Celebrities can do things and go places that normal people just can't. When you're dating me, that world will open its doors to you, too.

Rock Huerta Has a Cool Nickname
Lots of guys have nicknames, but most of them are degrading, like "Stinky," "Dribbles," or "Wart." Other nicknames are meaningless, like "Skitch," "Puffinstuff," or "One-Leg Jim." None of them can touch "Rock." "Rock" is a nickname that does it all. First, it rolls off the tongue. Say it. Say it again. No, no, the emphasis is on the first syllable. Yeah, that's it. Second, it has mystique. What does "Rock" really mean? It must mean something, it's too unusual - no, unique - not to have some deeper meaning. Well, go out with me, and you might just find out what "Rock" is all about. Third, it can be turned into other nicknames, which are also cool. Like grease, I'm slick, smooth, and all over you like you're a pizza. Feeling sexed up yet? Just wait.

Rock Huerta's Grandmother Bakes Cookies
Maybe you have a family, maybe you don't. It doesn't matter anymore. When you're dating me, you're a part of my family in a strictly non-incestuous way. No one will make you feel more comfortable at family dinners than my Grandmother, who will soon feel like your Grandmother, again in a strictly non-incestuous way. Countless women have been simply delighted by this charming and vivacious woman. But she's more than just great company - she's a mean cook. Her cookies range from chocolate chip to pinwheel and are always the highlight of any dessert. Just one bite and you'll wonder how you ever did without them. That's right, ladies, all that other good stuff and a sweet, good-humored Grandmother. What else could you ask for?
Interests:44: adventuring, anime, anime expo, archeology, back to the future, basketball, boxing, chicks, comics, courage, deep purple, disneyland, dreamer, drugs, fighting, friends, going online, hollywood, inspection 12, jeet kune do, jimmi hendrix, journalism, king of fighters, led zeppelin, lions, martial arts, metallica, motorcycles, mythology, non-comformist, pagan religions, playing guitar, punk covers, rebel, rock and roll, rolling stones, romance, running wild, sex, the goonies, touring, venting, video games, vintage clothes
Friends:17: cadidu, courtneylove, damaged_pixie, glittergoth83, luhbbleh, metal_queen, mindsendelf, misohorne, miznobody, morbid_angel, nerrivik, punk_bitch, sarahalley, starrynights, superstar21, thrubeincool, violettendency
Friend of:16: closetchild, courtneylove, danceinkitchens, glittergoth83, luhbbleh, lunarena, mindsendelf, miznobody, morbid_angel, nerrivik, punk_bitch, sarahalley, shatteredglass, superstar21, thrubeincool, xchokingonlifex
Member of:5: add_me_18plus, animeaddme, freakme, hate_this_list, runningwild
Account type:Early Adopter

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