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Below is information about the "Rock Icons" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:rock_icons (107096)
Name:Rock Icons
About:This is a community for rock band icons only. Feel freen to post shareably icons, and post requests.

1] Keep in mind: rock icons only. I don't want to see Christina, Britney, etc. icons. AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD NO AVRIL.
2] Only post sharable icons. End of story
3] Any inapropriate posts will be deleted.

This community is maintained by konstantine_. Feel free to add me and comment in my journal if you have and questions.
Interests:65: 100x100, aerosmith, afi, at the drive in, bands, ben folds, ben folds five, blurty, brand new, bright eyes, chevelle, dead journal, dont look down, emo, finch, fugazi, further seems forever, get up kids, good charlotte, goth rock, incubus, joan jett, joe strummer, journal icons, journals, korn, livejournal, mest, mtv2, music, mxpx, new found glory, no doubt, our lady peace, ozzy, piano rock, pictures, pod, poison the well, psp, punk, punk rock, relient k, rock, rock icons, rufio, saves the day, sex pistols, something corporate, starting line, sugarcult, sum 41, taking back sunday, the ataris, the clash, the ramones, the used, thrice, thursday, travis, ujournal, user icons, vh1, warped tour, weezer
Members:218: 4methisisheaven, 5arah, 72084, ad0rkablepunk, addicted_2you, afislilxmisfit, allisteranyone, amess_tobe_made, angelfromhell87, angelodimorte, antisocial2123, anti_daximus, asktheangels, a_proud_punk, babygirljade, badluckcharm, banana_muncher, beauty_like_me, beingjanelane, bella_muffin, bike__scene, billyzriotgirl6, binaryconfusion, bisexuals, bjosie182, blink183, blonde_brunnete, boringblueyes, bredinapathy, buddy_skittles, caityxpanic, cheeky_gurl88, chickie75, coinreturn, crayolamarkers, darksunshine, dark_midnight, dax, dazed_nconfused, deathsmisery, digmudvayne15, disturbedelle, disturbed_psyco, doodle724, dorkylilme, downer, dumb_and_jaded, ebonyacid, em0_babie, emohasnotdied, emotionalxgirl, emoxdreamo, emo_diaries, eyesofxatragedy, faded_memories, fadingdreams, failurebydezine, feel_so_callous, felonymc09, fetisha, finchxoffspring, forcedxsmile, foxxy_gurl2004, frozen_isis, grotesque_grace, hawkster182, heroesfail, highone666, hjumprsinger713, hollywooddq, hypnotize_me, iarechristine, iceblink, iheartchevelle, insulttoinjury, inventedthecure, irishpirate, itsnotfair2276, i_heart_r0ck, i_heart_records, jap, jasluvslegumes, jasonorme666, jaymeissuper, jenniferleonard, j_nicole, katzz, kawaiisakura, kaylaaa, kayys_blurtiesz, konstantine_, krazeekaren, l0tr0bsessed, left_to_die, love4kidvicious, lvhsjunior06, marejaney, mestupriotgrl, mhs_ducky, misfitschick, mizz_martin, mrs_clean, mushy_love_song, musicfreak9660, myusernamerules, myxlastxletter, my_0wn_summer, numb_, only_in_dreams, opheliaxdoll, painfulsoul27, pansy07, paranoid_love, passiveresistor, patr0xmysh0eb0x, pocketowl, punkrkprncss, punkrockaddict, punk_ass_bitch, punk_rock_89, punk_rock_poser, pureness, r0ck_on, rakedunn, randyrocks_00, razorwristedkid, rejekted, riddlinxkidx, riot_punk, ripcurlgrl27, ripcurlgrl564, rockwhorexxx, saferthanheaven, secretcrush361, sh00ting_stars, sharpie_chic, shootingxstar, sickinpunk, sing_sing_brody, slitwristinc, slr155, smo0thiiez, snoboardbabi, sparrow_savvy, spiffers, spookyxstarbuck, stardust2860, starfonyk, starryiedbella, starshapedpill, star_kitten, staurophobia, stidz, stonedgurl666, storiesofmylife, stuperpinkstarz, sum1forgotten, swimmer4lyfe, tearsin_myheart, theshibby6794, theused23, theusedexcuse, ticklexmexpink, tievin, tracoy, tragic_song611, trendyposer, twisted_ylime, unknownfailure, violence, voodoomunky, walkingonglass, watchmebleed_x, waxbutterflyz, whatacrazygirl, whenkellycries, whisperslowly, winglessdemon, wnscc, xblazze5051, xcandyxcuntx, xemotionalheart, xgiorocksongx, xgirl3190, xhopeless1x, xjillianx, xlevelled27x, xlivingdeadgirl, xoox_lyssaellz, xoxostarrxoxo, xoxsugarbebexox, xredletterdayx, xxjustpretendxx, xxkorn6freakxx, xxlovetohatexx, xxluna_kittyxx, xzerosk8, x_am_i_missing, x_ender_x, yourfriendpeter, yourxxstar, ziggystarduster, zippywheels01, _blisteredxo, _bloodyromance, _blueemoeyes_, _cant_go_on_, _cherie, _emostars_, _emostar_, _emoxangel_, _gnarlyness_, _heartxcore, _nifteh_, _starshines_821, _stay_with_me_, _yourxstar_, __dorkette
Watched by:86: 72084, allisteranyone, asktheangels, banana_muncher, beauty_like_me, bike__scene, billyzriotgirl6, bisexuals, blonde_brunnete, caityxpanic, dazed_nconfused, disturbedelle, dorkylilme, dumb_and_jaded, ebonyacid, emoxdreamo, emo_at_heart, fatedangel66, feel_so_callous, finchxoffspring, forcedxsmile, foxxy_gurl2004, frozen_isis, iceblink, iheartchevelle, irishpirate, itsnotfair2276, i_heart_records, jasonorme666, jaymeissuper, krazeekaren, l0tr0bsessed, laughlikecrazee, left_to_die, lvhsjunior06, marejaney, mhs_ducky, miguel, mizz_martin, mrs_clean, musicfreak9660, pansy07, passiveresistor, punkrkprncss, rachaxl, rakedunn, randyrocks_00, ripcurlgrl27, ripcurlgrl564, rockin_chicken, sickinpunk, slitwristinc, spookyxstarbuck, starfonyk, starryiedbella, staurophobia, stonedgurl666, stuperpinkstarz, sum1forgotten, swimmer4lyfe, tadydid, tearsin_myheart, theshibby6794, theusedexcuse, tievin, tragic_song611, twisted_ylime, whatacrazygirl, whisperslowly, winglessdemon, wnscc, xgiorocksongx, xgirl3190, xhopeless1x, xoxostarrxoxo, xoxsugarbebexox, xredletterdayx, xxlovetohatexx, xxluna_kittyxx, x_am_i_missing, x_ender_x, _blisteredxo, _blueemoeyes_, _emostar_, _emoxangel_, _heartxcore
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