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Below is user information for Risia Skye. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:risiaskye (250738)
Name:Risia Skye
Location:San Diego, California, United States
Bio:Yet another more-disgruntled-than-thou, cynical, disaffected, over-educated, under-employed denizen of the borderlands between Gen X & Gen Why-Bother.

Oh, and I've got a few dots in goth chick, leather freak, drag queen, and hippie as well.

Interests:150: adaptation, alternative lifestyles, ambivalence, amnesia, analysis, angel, anita blake, apocalyptic & dystopian fiction, argument, b.b. king, bdsm, bentley little, bettie page, bisexuality, blood, blues, body modification, borders & boundaries, buffy the vampire slayer, camp, charles bukowski, chuck palahniuk, collage, consciousness, conspiracy theory, conversation, cooking, crocheting, dave barry, documentaries, domesticity, drag, driving, drugs, eddie izzard, edgar allan poe, edge play, eminem, erotica, etymology, everlast, exploitation movies, fears & phobias, feminism, fire & wax play, first amendment, folklore, friedrich nietzsche, friends, friendship, gender play, gonzo, goths, grafitti, hauntings, horror, humorists & comedians, hunter s. thompson, hybridity, identity, in/sanity, indie & b movies, interdisciplinarity, internet, kevin smith, knives & blades, kurt vonnegut, leather, linkin park, magic & mysticism, margaret cho, marginality, marilyn manson, marilyn monroe, math theory, meditation, melissa etheridge, memory, metaphor, michael moore, michel foucault, monty python, movies/film, mystery science theater 3000, napster, negotiation, new wave, nikki giovanni, nine inch nails, occult, pain, performance, pi, poetry, pornography, power, power exchange, primalism, protective dominance, psychiatric culture, pulp fiction, queerness, radical therapeutic practices, rap, religion, retro fetishism, richard pryor, ritual, robin williams, role-play, scriptures, seduction, sensation toys, service submission, sex, sexual politics, shapeshifters, singer/songwriters, song covers, soundtracks, stand-up, stephen king, steve martin, stevie nicks, suicidal impulse, switching, sylvia plath, tai chi, tarot, tattoos, teaching, television without pity, the dark tower, theology, toni morrison, tony hoagland, transgression, trust, truth, twin peaks, u.s. history, unconventional families, urban legend, vampires, violence, voice, william blake, word play, writing, yoga
Friends:10: cymbidia, killermuffin, masterme, miaow, never, pochotlan, sozinha, svedish_chef, x2entendre, xander
Friend of:21: akatedidit, angel, bad_kitty, cymbidia, draxilla, drxblue, killermuffin, masterme, miaow, never, pochotlan, quint, rain_dancer, sch00lteacher, softleads, sozinha, suburbannoize, svedish_chef, toddbf, x2entendre, xander
Member of:4: bondagemakeup, deathfixation, salems_lot, writerotica
Account type:Free User

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