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Below is user information for __Bury this pen - Into my veins__. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:ripmy_heartout (503178)  
Name:__Bury this pen - Into my veins__
Website:[[ anti-me || anti-you ]]
Interests:149: 5 days ahead, a static lullaby, acoustic, afi, against the sky, alexisonfire, anatomy of a ghost, anger, angst, ap, art, as hope dies, ataris, atreyu, autumn leaves, beautiful mistake, being alone, being useless, belts, black nailpolish, boys, brand new, breaking the rules, butter knives, candles, cats, causing mayhem, chapstick, cheese, coffe, concerts, contegency plan, count the stars, crayons, crown heart ruin, dead poetic, death by stereo, dillinger four, drawing on myself, dreams, drummers, drums, elmo, emo, evergreen terrace, eyeliner, eyes, face to flames, failing, falling everest, falling stars, faulter, finch, free shit, from first to last, fuck off, further seems forever, good times, green day, grey skies, guitar, gummy bears, hair dye, hidden in plain view, hot rod circuit, jim dandys, killinghername, kurt cobain, lenore, life over law, lightning, losers, low lifes, lust, matchbook romance, my first mister, my girl, my hotel year, nirvana, no name basis, nodes of ranvier, noise conspiracy, norma jean, normal like you, odd project, off by one, on broken wings, one dying wish, our cure the rocketship, over it, pain, photography, piercings, plaid, planes mistaken for stars, poetry, poison the well, procrastinating, racing april, rain, randy, rubber bracelets, scarfs, scary kids scaring kids, scumbags, senses fail, shooting stars, silence, skulls, sleeping, slick shoes, something corporate, sparta, speak, stars hide fire, stickers, stitches, story of the year, strawberry shortcake, stripped socks, sunrise, sunset, switchfoot, symphony in peril, tears, the 80's, the craft, the food network, the goonies, the higher, the night sky, the oval portrait, the roof top, the stars, the used, thrice, thrift stores, thursday, tom, tv, tv land, ugh, undergrads, up syndrome, vendetta red, vintage, wax, when all else fails, writing on myself
Friends:10: abadst4r, anti_muggle, avril_the_bean, borntodieemo, fadingdreams, glorified_sins, herowilldrown, one_eight_seven, rebelliongirl, tml_carlo
Friend of:7: anti_muggle, avril_the_bean, borntodieemo, glorified_sins, herowilldrown, rebelliongirl, tml_carlo
Account type:Free User

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