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Below is user information for tori. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:right_as_rain (278944)  
Location:collingswood, New Jersey, United States
AOL IM:tbyoungcrazed67 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Stuff I like: Andy , LEOPARD PRINT, Punk music, going to concerts, Horses, Guitars, Moulin Rouge, Crispy m&m's, Sid Vicious, nr shows, Nightmare Before Christmas, The dirty, chucks, Kurt Cobain, my friends, laughing, nr shows, hot people, CHS, when people that i dont like hate me, plaid pants, valentine's day, arizona, dickies, geeks, snow, new york, chewing gum, Christmas, making people mad, mohawks, fuschia colored hair, nerd ropes, cover songs, when my parents dont care about me, food, beating steve in tony hawk, punk boys, gay best friends, when people try to be my friend, the thrift store, tiny tootsie pops (lol, kelsey),local bands, playstation, best friends, andy, having people be there for me, songs i can relate to, scary movies, fox hollow, hot pink pants, drama movies, st. elmo's fire, the breakfast club, my new computer, hanging stuff on my walls, tic tacs, swimming in my pool, not going to sjs anymore, when i get lots of money, and lots of other stuff..

Stuff I hate: My school, My teachers, Homework,when people pout, Eraser burns, When people I think are my friends really arent, my computer, humidity, sweaty people,
dead animals (road kill) when bill picks up these dead animals, guys with red hair, miss simpson, when little kids on airplanes kick the back of my seat,when cereal gets soggy, FLORIDA, silver wear when my hands are wet, being fat, myself, collingswood, waiting 10 1/2 hours in line,term papers, that one notortious entrance to
the mall, when cd plastic doesnt come off, fingernails on a chalkboard,when greasy italians/mexicans hit on me, when caitlin steals michael while im sleeping, bill's chuckle,when people have stuff in their eyes eww, perogies(i cant spell), When my mom switches the pillows on my bed, my mom when she's drunk, my mom when she's not drunk, wakin up early, when my mom "cleans" but ends up making more of a mess, also when my curtains are all open and my room is bright, being broke, being singled out, acne, when i got $800 for graduation and my parents make me buy a computer with it and i only get to keep 40, when i choke on my orange juice, think of more later ....
Interests:28: band i like:bad religion, bouncing souls, catch 22, finch, greenday, mewithoutyou, millencolin, nirvana, no doubt, no regrets, one time angels, osker, pulley, rancid, redemption 87, river city rebels, rx bandits, slow gherkin, slow reader, social distortion, taking back sunday, the descendents, the distillers, the lawrence arms, the living end, the nerve agents, tsunami bomb, voo doo glow skulls
Friends:3: ender_, heart_of_scars, heres_my_heart
Friend of:2: only_the_clouds, x_ender_x
Account type:Free User

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