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User:ricci (35257)
Name:Christina Ricci
Website:not quite ricci
Location:Los Angeles, California, United States
AOL IM:rancid ricci (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Christina Ricci was born on February 12th, 1980 in Santa Monica, California (USA), as the fourth child of Ralph and Sarah Ricci. Her sibs are Dante, Pia and Rafael. After being discovered by a talent scout during a school play (The Twelve Days of Christmas), she got involved in the movie biz early. She did several commercials starting at the age of six, until she finally got her first movie role in Richard Benjamin's Mermaids (1990), co-starring with Cher and Winona Ryder. The friendship that developed between Christina and Cher still lasts, since she often visits Cher in her New York appartement.
She spent most of her childhood days with her dad, a psychiatrist, in Montclair, New Jersey. Her life wasn't easy as it seems, since she thinks of her family as disfunctional and crazy, and arguments were commonplace. When her father and her mother, a former fashion model who now works in the real estate business, finally seperated in 1993, she stayed with her mom who took custody of the kids. The summer after she turned 15, the family then moved to Manhattan where Christina attended a private school. She now lives in Los Angeles with her boyfriend when she's not shooting a movie.
Apparently, she became estranged to her father, who now lives in California. Of course, the divorce did leave its traces in Christina's mind, and she was diagnosed anorexic most likely due to emotional overload. She started therapy, and she still seeks this kind of advice which seems perfectly normal to her being an actress.

She admitted that there were days when school wasn't easy for her, too. When her acting career started and she was a student at Edgemont Elementary School, she took it all a little too serious, she admitted, and that of course raised the envy of the other students. However, Christina's attitude towards being famous changed quickly, but some guys kept calling her "Wednesday" what really pissed her off. But as it seems, she had no more problems regarding that after moving to New York, and she recently graduated from High School. Although she wanted to join a writing programme of Columbia University, she changed her mind and decided not to attend.
Being way beyond her age, she always hated it to be treated like a child. She's now happy that she finally is no longer casted only for "kiddy movies", but for adult roles instead which she always wanted to play. However, her role in Casper earned her the National Association of Theater Owners ShowEast Star of Tomorrow and Star of the Year awards, which seems impressive since she admits not having invested anything into her earlier roles.
The latest development is a major step in her career and adds a more wide variety of characters to her repertoire, as she now is playing roles where she really enjoys investing all her acting skills and talent. Taking a look at her recent movie projects, one can clearly see that she's just about to start an amazing career as an adult actress with a very bright and promising future.

[This is not real!! I don't claim to be Christina Ricci, everything in this journal is FAKE! K? I hope we got things all straightened out....
By the way, please don't steal my icons, I've worked so hard on finding the pictures in making them, thank you]

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