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User:revolt_n_riot (520367)
walk tall walk proud
walk the way that you choose
rebels must think
or rebels can only lose
we're right to speak the truth
we're right to speak our minds
we're right
we're question proof
you want to destroy
we want to create
don’t want us to think
just want us to hate
urban rebel urban rebel urban rebel
we don’t need no guns
we don’t need no knives
and we don’t need no one
to tell us how to live our lives

bitch motherfucker

I'm the Urban Rebel.

Interests:63: a global threat, a//political, abh, abrasive wheels, adicts, antidote, attak, bitch motherfucker, blitz, blitzkrieg, bombs, boston punk, chaos uk, chaotic dischord, chinese food, chron gen, civil disobedience, combat 84, court martial, defects, defiance, destroy, discharge, disorder, endless struggle, external menace, eyeliner, funeral dress, garter belts, gbh, guns n roses, kaaos, love, lower class brats, mau maus, menace, o revolucionário desonra, oxblood, oxymoron, pogoing, poxy, ratos de porão, red alert, resistance 77, riot squad, rough sex, shows, skeptix, skirts, special duties, street punk, tampere ss, the insane, the partisans, the riffs, the varukers, threats, thulsa doom, toxic narcotic, u2, uk82, uproar, urban rebel
Friends:3: devotchka45, protestandexist, rebelyouth
Friend of:1: protestandexist
Account type:Free User

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