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Below is user information for Revlis307. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:revlis307 (893080)  
AOL IM:PhantomPheline (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Likes: art, drawing, furries, anthros, weres, therians,all animals, CSI, atrononmy, astrology, ht coacoa, french onion soup, begals, reading, Ink Heart, Lemony Snicket series, Chicken n` chips, chicken romain, fried chicken, steak with AI sauce, ferrets, bats, rats, cats, dogs, morrowind, spryo the dragon games, sly cooper, mario cart double dash, Zelda of the Four Swords, omelletes, Moundain Dew. MDPB, MDCR, MDLW, MD AMP, my bf, my friends, family i think, silly string, cream cheese, prisma markers, higgins ink, microns, dragons, rose art, crayola, prang, sharpies, debating, art stock, colorless blenders, quizzila, my brian, music in general, dog soldiers, anubis, wiggie wiggie, SIMS, Loch ness webcam, paranormal, bastet, mercury rising, role plays, woods, calm rivers, tubing, rainy days, long loud thunder storms, being clean, candles, likes filming..junk, my star marbles, my heart marbles, Maryln manson, Rob Zombie,Ginger Snaps 1 and 2, Bad Moon, Dog Soldiers, Bloodhound Gang, other stuff...

dislikes: snobbish people, self centered people, arogent people, ignorant people, people in general, smelly old people, rotten food, tripping, rape, abuse, abusive parents, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, beans, coffee, tea, dead fish, drunk people, dead mice that start to mold and smell and rot, screwing up a perfectly fine drawing, head aches, tooth aches, acne, my brothers, bright lights, being in the middle of things, keeping people waiting, forgetting, lies, discrimination, lack creativity, art blocks, uncaring people, people who im you, then say nothing after 10 min, people who go idle on and off like hell, nosy people, closed minded people, bratty kids, and alot more stuff.
Interests:41: anime, anthros, balto, bats, bloodhound gang, cats, cheese, classical, coffee bean, dance, deamons, demons, dragons, eiffle65, electronica, fantasy art, ferrets, fire felines, foxes, furre art, genets, glow sticks, heavy metal, hellhounds, horror movies, kaleido stage, kikis delivery service, moutain dew, nature, paranormal, pixie sticks, role playing, stuff..., techno music, therianthropy, totoro, trance music, waffles, werewolves, wildlife art, wolves.
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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