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Below is user information for the color of catastrophy. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:revenge_therapy (503657)
Name:the color of catastrophy
Location:regina, saskatchewan, Canada
MSN Username:revenge therapy
Bio:i am an emo kid and was before it was "kewl". i have the opposite of a mullet, commonly known as the "emo haircut"; shaved in the back, draped like sadness over my forehead, and jet black. i am in a hardish-emo band called upon.collapse. let's say that if my band was a color it would be grey, if it were weather it would be soft rain fall and a tidal wave. i have a girl whom l love named kira, she's a hairdresser, she's bi, and she's smoking hot. i enjoy 'tight but not too tight' jeans, t-shirts that are too small for me, and collars under sweaters. i write poetry, have a murse [a fag bag, if you will]. i am going to school to be a web designer, and i love 7-11 hotdog combo's. i'm scotish-canadian and goddamn proud of it, i *heart* slasher movies like 'hospital' and 'halloween', i hate westerns NOT starring clint eastwood and NOT made before 1974. i have a soft spot for JD salinger and roman dirge. i read 60% of the time i'm awake and i'm awake 80% of the time. i love getting drunk and having uninhibited, unprotected sex. my favorite hooch includes SKYY vodka, bombay saphire gin, and this crazy shit called ciclon thats equal parts lime juice, rum, and tequilla. i am forever in love with descendents, thursday, and jawbreaker. i have no tats but my nips and labret are punctured. if i had to have sex with a man it would be young elvis presley, i love nintendo gamecube, i have a guinnea pig named Holden and my favorite color is grey and blue stripes. if you want more out of me you'll have to ask.
Interests:35: after school knife fight, alexisonfire, all, at the drive in, bisexual hairdressers, books, catcher in the rye, cigaretts, coffee, comic books, deftones, descendents, dillinger escape plan, emo, far, fugazi, horror, jawbox, jawbreaker, kira, liquor, math rock, modest mouse, movies, poetry, porn, salinger, samiam, sex, sparta, the mars volta, the pavers, thrice, thursday, unsound
Friends:2: angela, cut_your_ribbon
Account type:Free User

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