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User:rena_is_me (49591)
Location:Randers, Jylland, Denmark

hey you found my bio...!!!
I am 46 years old * widowed + 2 teenagers aged 18 and 16 years * I am just another gal trying to make her family function, however at times it is pretty hard * I have a hubby with diabetes and a son with a mental illness * So this journal is about me and what is happening in my every day life. It is also a record of what happens to my hubby and son, as I have a bad memory remembering dates and stuff * Suffered from depression most of my life * Like to be alone, find it hard to be social * Suffered incest * come from a divorce family * alcoholic
stepfather * Extremely bad tempered if I do not take my meds

Interested in talking to all people of ages.

PeOpLe WhOm TyPe LiKe ThIs piss me off too. It's
extremely hard to read.


shopping .knitting . photography .chinese food . candles . rain . bisexuality . computer art . avatars . icons .offline diary .swimming .walks .the beach . water colour painting . piercings . jewelry . qivinq advice . makin layouts + . cats . rem .time alone . nail polish . my hair . current events . travel . yahoo . sex .the list could go on for many pages

My dislikes
snobs . my sister Megan .people whom think I am plain stupid . qetting yelled at . bad hair days . people whom critise ofters about being different . muslim religion in general . politicians .

Favorite Music
Red hot chili pepers . Tatu . Beetles . Nik and Jay . Hanna Boel . Julie . Corn . Nivana . Cold play . Incubis . David Craig . Vanhallen . Linkin Park . Marilyn Manson . Evanscence .


it doesn't get any better . sometimes they come back . aliens series . pretty women . pet cemetry . twilight zone . jackass . americian apple pie .

Clothing Style
jeans . t-shirts . baggie sweaters I make . lacey bras . boots . jandals . silver jewelry . lip qloss . 24 hr deo . sandals . sneakers . aerobic socks . memory rinq and wedding ring

Memories:6 entries
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