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User:remy_lebeau (263830)
Website:Rogue's Gambit
Location:New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Bio:Well I was adopted at birth by a rich New Orleans family, and I grew up a Thief on the streets and I loved it.

Dere was a bit of a problem with my havin to marry the leader of tha Assassin guild's daughter but uh.... I don't talk about dat anymore.

When my mutant powers started to develop 'day were somewhat hard to control so I enlisted da help of a notorious mutant know as Dr. Nathaniel Essex, better known as Mr. Sinister.

While I was workin' for dis Sinister fellow I met a little girl with white hair. Who turned out to be quite a good lookin' older woman if I do say so myself.

Dat encounter with Stormy was da first time I'd ever heard anydin' about 'doose X-men fellows. Who I joined soon later.
Interests:84: alan rickman, anime, beatles, cajun food, cards, cats, chat, computers, cowboy bebop, crossdressers, csi, cybersex, drawing, duo/heero, dvds, elfwood, fight club, furries, furusawa tohru, fushigi yuugi, gambit, gambit/wolverine, gordie brown, gravitation, harrison ford, harry potter, hayashi nobutoshi, heroclix, hotohori, hugh jackman, jack the ripper, james marsden, jazz, jean grey, johnny depp, linkin park, love hina, marie d'ancanto, marvel comics, matrix, midorikawa hikaru, miki shinichiro, my little ponies, nakago, nanba keiichi, narita ken, neopets, nightcrawler, nirvana, nuriko, paganism, patrick stewart, peter parker, popcorn, reflections, religion, remus lupin, rogue, rpgs, sailor moon, sakamoto chika, seki tomokazu, severus snape, slash, slytherin, snape/lupin, spider man, swimming, takahito koyasu, tasuki, teenage mutant ninja turtles, tobita nobuo, touma yumi, toys, trigun, u2, vcl, whores, wolverine, writing, x-files, x-men, yaoi, zoolander
Friends:10: cerebro, fushigi_yuugi, gwen_stacey, horny_elf, last_breath, marie_dancanto, rogues_gambit, rum_raven, xrp, _gambitsgirl_
Friend of:4: god_of_yaoi, horny_elf, jenniferriddle, xxstormxx
Member of:3: cerebro, rogues_gambit, xrp
Account type:Free User

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