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Below is user information for .theres just to much that time cannot erase.. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:rejectedxstar (357080)
Name:.theres just to much that time cannot erase.
Location:Anus., Zimbabwe
AOL IM:loseRgrLjeN18269 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:mmmm name is Jen. how fun!. uhmm i'm 14 and a sophmore in high school. i have blonde hair and blue eyes...and unfortunatly very thin. i'm not very tall :-/ oh well. i have a boyfriend Steve whom i am very much in love with. so uh shutup. i <3 punk/emo.... and thats all bye.
Interests:59: a beautiful mistake, afi, alk3, all american rejects, american hi-fi, ataris, bam margera, better than ezra, blink 182, blur, bouncing souls, bowling for soup, boxcar racer, boy hits car, boy sets fire, brand new, bright eyes, cky, coheed&cambria, cold, count the stars, cvs, dashboard, deftones, emo, everclear, filter, finch, friends..and whatnot., further seems forever, garbage, get up kids, goldfinger, goo goo dolls, gushers, happy bunny, hot topic, linkin park, looking at the stars, love, mark hoppus, mest, nfg, nirvana, oneil, pac sun, punk, radiohead, riddlin kids, rock, roxy, slipknot, smashing pumpkins, some cradle of filth, steve, sublime, switchfoot, target, trapt
Friends:4: briethecheez, roxygirl974, stringd_silence, travelhippie
Friend of:3: roxygirl974, stringd_silence, travelhippie
Account type:Free User

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